Flower Bulbs

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Get inspired by our huge assortment of the best Flower Bulbs Holland has to offer.

We stock a large range of Flower Bulbs, all suitable for growing in your garden or in pots.

There are two different types of Flower Bulbs:

The Onion type (true bulbs) with a bud/nose covered by scales and protected by a thin layer of skin “tunic, these include Tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissi, Iris, and Alliums’,

The second type is the fleshy leaves bearing skin flower bulbs such as Lilies and Fritillaries.

Technically some groups within this Flower Bulb category are not Flower Bulbs at all; they are in fact Corms, which include Gladioli and Crocus. They resemble Flower Bulbs but without the scales or leaves. These are actually underground stems filled with food.

Others, such as Dahlias and Begonias are 'tubers' that are horizontal stems from which both roots and leaves will grow from.

In all cases, the purpose is the same, it makes it possible for the flower bulbs to survive unfavourable growing conditions such as cold for spring flowering bulbs like Tulips and Crocus and dry periods for summer flowering bulbs such as Freesias and Dahlias.

Once conditions improve these Flower Bulbs will quickly grow and bloom using their stored food supply.

This is why Flower Bulbs, Corms and Rhizomes give such a reward in spring; they are easy to plant and are always the first indication that spring is just around the corner!

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