Soil and Fertiliser

Lees verder

Create healthy plants with longlasting flowers using the proper soil and fertiliser.

The base for the garden should be organic fertiliser, it helps to unlock plant food that's available in the soil but not in a way plants can use it. The bacterial function of the organic fertiliser helps to unlock it so the plants can get to it. So organic fertiliser it helps to improve the soil condition and avoids an overfeed situation. Most people think that organic fertiliser will do the trick for all plants in the garden. While this goes for most plants, optimal results are achieved by using special fertilisers for some of your plants, or in case there are specific shortages of elements in your soil. For summer plants, baskets and Patio plants it's a good idea to give in early spring organic fertiliser pellets on top of the soil and let it water in, during May apply slow release tablets, they release the plant food as and when the plant is in need for it. (Temperature driven)

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