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Anthurium Red
€11.95 €16.95
Anthurium Red

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Anthurium Red

Also known as Flamingo flower or boy flower these popular houseplants have eye-catching, waxy heart-shaped red... read more

Ideal houseplant

Anthurium Red 14cm - 1 plant

Anthurium Red 14cm - 1 plant A07260 - Anthurium Red 14cm

  • Pot size 14 cm
  • Delivered as pot plant
  • Decorative planter not included
  • Available from 01/07 - 29/12
<ul class='productinfolist'><li>Pot size 14 cm</li><li>Delivered as pot plant</li><li>Decorative planter not included</li><li>Available from 01/07 - 29/12</li></ul> 8 st. In stock direct leverbaar



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Anthurium Red

Also known as Flamingo flower or boy flower these popular houseplants have eye-catching, waxy heart-shaped red spates (often referred to as flowers) with yellow spikes (spandex) sticking out from the centre of each spate on dark green foliage. Their highly ornamental bracts are very popular with florists the world over. An ideal low maintenance plant! Decorative pot not included.

Details Anthurium Red

  • Colour: green
  • Flower colour: red
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Ideal houseplant

How to take care of Anthurium Red

Position in a light place but avoid direct sunlight, avoid draughts and radiators. Water thoroughly but do not over-water as it can cause the leaves to turn yellow, allow to dry out slightly between waterings.

Wipe the leaves regularly with water to remove any dust and insects. Plant in pots will benefit from a weak fertiliser solution once a month. In winter anthurium plants need a 6 weeks of rest period at a 15°C with little water.

This allows the plant to flower again in the following season.

  • All parts of the anthurium plant, are poisonous. If ingested, may cause mild stomach disorders.
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