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Bonsai Pyracantha

Bonsaï Pyracantha

Pot plant
Pot size plant Ø 15cm
Ceramic pot
Flowering bonsai
Makes a nice gift
Poisonous fruits
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Bonsai Pyracantha is an outdoor bonsai shrub style with evergreen and slow growth. It has thorny branches. Very appreciated for its white flowers...

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If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. We will refund your money or resend the products for free.

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Bonsai Pyracantha is an outdoor Bonsai with a shrub-like build. It’s a slow growing evergreen with thorny branches. Bonsai Pyracantha is appreciated for its white flowers in spring and its bright coloured uneatable fruits that go from red to yellow, in autumn this Bonsai is spectacular.
  • 1 x Bonsai Pyracantha
Botanical nameBonsai Pyracantha
Delivered asPot plant
aa_sizeØ 15cm
Flower periodSpring
Flower colourWhite
LocationSemi shade
Hardiness-10 celsius
Preferred SoilAny soil
Mature width30cm - 40cm

How to take care of Bonsaï Pyracantha

Your Bonsaï Pyracantha requires a bright place but avoid direct sunlight to prevent withering. For a successful indoor bonsai you need to provide good sunlight and fresh air movement, additional humidity will also help. If this cannot be provided then grow your bonsai as an outdoor specimen in a sheltered location. Daily watering of the roots and sprinkling of the leaves is necessary. When the top of the soil looks dry, immerse the pot in water (just over the rim of the pot) until air bubbles cease, your Bonsaï Pyracantha must remain damp at all times. Take the pot out of the water and drain. Do this once a week. Feed once every 2 weeks from spring to late summer with a Fertilizer . Trim Bonsaï Pyracantha regularly with a sharp pair of scissors, as new shoots emerge shape some of them with wire remove others this will encourage growth of dense twigs neat foliage. Pruning roots repotting is best done every two years in early spring when the roots will heal quickly, use compost that is free draining but moisture retentive, do not feed for a few weeks afterwards. ATTENTION: in autumn the tree tends to loose part of its leaves, do not worry; the tree is not dead, new foliage will appear. Do not leave Bonsaï Pyracantha outside during frosty periods. Place in a conservatory or unheated room.

If the plant is maintained inside it will stay semi-evergreen, but when kept outdoors then it can be deciduous. You need to acclimatize the tree in its new environment indoor to avoid shocking your bonsai, move it first to a cooler room and slowly introduce it to its new home.

For additional instructions see product packaging.

Grow Guarantee

If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. We will refund your money or resend the products for free.

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