Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What if my item is out of stock?

We try to keep accurate stock of all items we sell on the website. However some items that are on the website might show out of stock. There are 3 possible reasons for this.

1. Due to a great demand, we sold so much of it during the day that we sold out. Stock will be updated again overnight; usually there will be stock again next day or a few days later.

2. It's a seasonal item that we do not ship yet. You can click on the "email stock" button and we will send you an email when the item becomes available for shipment.

3. Our warehouse manager is unable to obtain the item for the active season.

In the cases above we want to prevent selling something to you that we do not have! Should you want to place a larger quantity than shown on the website, contact our customer service for advice

What is the size of my plants/bulbs?

You will find information on how the product is supplied within the offer within the article bock. If supplied as bulbs it will say size 10/12cm, this means the bulbs are10 - 12  cm in circumference. Bulb sizes are measured in centimeters all over the world. One cm is approx 0.4"  If its supplied as a rhizome, corm, tuber or a fibrous root then we will call it a bare root plant. 

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