How to take care of Ligustrum Bonsai

General information: Ligustrum, or Privet are found in many species and cultivars with a diversity of leaf colors, leaf forms and growth habits. All are tolerant of heavy pruning. The white flowers are attractive during late spring and early summer. 

Family: Oleaceae

Lighting: Likes a bright position (1000 Lux). Most sources recommend only about an hour of direct sunlight daily, although success has been reported growing it in a sunny position all day.

Temperature: Zones 7 - 11.

Watering: Adequate water to keep the tree from drying out and remaining dry.

Feeding: General purpose fertilizer is good.

Pruning and wiring: Branching can be encouraged by pinching the stems.

Propagation: Cuttings, grafting and seeds.

Repotting: The tree needs annual repotting. Not particular about the type of soil, however it should be well drained.

Pests and diseases

Pests: Aphids, scale, white fly and spider mites.

Diseases: leaf spot due to heavy winds hitting the tree and root rot.

Some species suitable for bonsai:
L. japonicum, Japanese or wax privet.
L. lucidum, Glossy privet. Rapid growing
L. sinense, Chinese privet
L. sinense 'Variegata' has small white to yellowish variegated leves 1 1/2 to 3 inches.
L. japonicum var. roundifolium, also called L. recurvifolium is slow growing, upright with round leaves.

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