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  1. Euphorbia trigona Rubra 10 cm pot
    Euphorbia trigona Rubra
    Special Price £8.75 Regular Price £9.95
    Stock 28
    This attractive columnar tree Euphorbia trigona Rubra is also known as the 'African milk tree' and has shiny red spines like cow horns arranged in... Learn More
  2. Afrikaanse Melkboom
    Euphorbia trigona
    Stock 11
    Euphorbia trigona is also kown as African Milk Tree. It is an interesting house plant. Although it has thorns growing along the edges of the stems,... Learn More
  3. KerststerJester Red Poinsettia
    Poinsettia Jester Red
    Available again next Autumn
    More commonly known as Poinsettia or Christmas star the star-shaped leaf pattern is said to symbolize the star of Bethlehem. These beautiful... Learn More
  4. Euphorbia Enopla
    Euphorbia Enopla
    Out of stock
    This attractive Euphorbia enopla clumps from the base producing multiple branches, it has shiny red spines like cow horns arranged in perfectly... Learn More
  5. Euphorbia baioensis
    Euphorbia baioensis
    Out of stock
    Euphorbia baioensis is a spiny succulent plant which orginates from Kenya. It isn't an actual cactus, but it looks a lot like one. It forms... Learn More
  6. Euphorbia horrida
    Euphorbia horrida
    Out of stock
    Euphorbia horrida also knowns as African milk barrel is a very strong spiny succulent with upright columns of uneven large blue-grey to grey-green... Learn More
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Euphorbia houseplant

The Euphorbia cacti (spurge) are easy to take care of houseplants with a special appearance. The euphorbias have a thick trunk with water storage. So you can skip watering without a problem. With his feet in the sun he feels completely at ease. Ready to cheer up your living room.

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