Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm
Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm

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Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm

Transform your living space into a tropical indoor garden with this exotic Palm. Howea forsteriana Palm also k... read more

Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm - 1 plant

Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm - 1 plant A08859 - Howea Palm 130 cm

  • Pot size 21 cm
  • Delivery height including pot 130 cm
  • Delivered as pot plant
  • Decorative planter not included
<ul class='productinfolist'><li>Pot size 21 cm</li><li>Delivery height including pot 130 cm</li><li>Delivered as pot plant</li><li>Decorative planter not included</li></ul> 5 st. In stock Available now

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Howea Forsteriana Palm 130cm

Transform your living space into a tropical indoor garden with this exotic Palm. Howea forsteriana Palm also known as Kentia palm and has a single trunk and a full crown of beautiful arching leaves. The Palm that we supply has multiple stems planted together for a lush dense appearance. In its native habitat it can grow up to 10m tall outdoors; indoor it’s slow growing and can be kept quite compact.

Details Howea forsteriana Palm 130cm

  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Full grown: 5 Years
  • Full grown height: 2 - 3 m
  • Full grown width: 75 - 100 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Plant spacing: 150 cm
  • Hardiness: Not hardy

How to take care of Howea Palm 130 cm

Howea forsteriana Palm grows best in bright indirect sunlight; direct sun may scorch its leaves. Keep the soil evenly moist watering it less in winter. Fertilise with slow release fertiliser in spring.

Make sure the leaves are free from dust. Provide humidity by placing plants on a tray of gravel or stones; fill the tray with water so that the bottom pebbles rest in the water and the top ones are dry.

By keeping the tray constantly half-filled with water, a nicely humid environment will be created.

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