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Mini Phalaenopsis Purple
€8.95 €12.95
Mini Phalaenopsis Purple

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Mini Phalaenopsis Purple

Niet op voorraad

New cute Miniature Phalaenopsis makes a wonderful gift. The long lasting flowers make them perfect as...... read more

Ideal houseplant

Mini Phalaenopsis Purple - 1 plant

Mini Phalaenopsis Purple - 1 plant A09562 - Phalaenopsis Purple

  • Pot size 5 cm
  • Delivery height including pot 20 cm
  • Delivered as pot plant
  • Available from 01/07 - 29/12
<ul class='productinfolist'><li>Pot size 5 cm</li><li>Delivery height including pot 20 cm</li><li>Delivered as pot plant</li><li>Available from 01/07 - 29/12</li></ul> Out of stock



Availability: Out of stock

Mini Phalaenopsis Purple

This New Miniature Phalaenopsis is so unusual and so cute. It arrives in flower making a wonderful gift. The long lasting dark Purple flowers make them perfect as centrepieces.


Also known as Moth orchids because the beautiful flowers often resemble moths in flight.


They are not only beautiful but also very easy to grow indoors, just follow the instructions provided.

Details Mini Phalaenopsis Purple

  • Blooms: November - May
  • Flower colour: purple
  • Full grown height: 50 - 75 cm
  • Full grown width: 10 - 25 cm
  • Plant location: sunny
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Ideal houseplant
  • Free Handwritten Giftcard
  • Decorative Planter not included

How to take care of Phalaenopsis Purple

This orchid thrives in the shade in a hot greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. To produce flowers, this type of orchid requires a night temperature of at least 15c & high humidity. Keep away from cold draughts.

Maintain moisture by spraying water regularly or by placing the plant container on a tray of moist pebbles. Make sure that the centre of the plant is kept dry or rot may occur. Feed once every 2 weeks in summer time & once a month in winter.

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