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Bonsai Trees for Sale

Bring the pleasure of growing Bonsai trees to the smallest spaces! We carry a large assortment of Bonsai and all the specialized tools, pots, soil and fertilizers needed to keep them in top condition for many years to come!

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Bonsai Elm parfivola Broom Style 9 yr
STUNTER €22.95

Bonsai Elm parfivola Broom Style 9 yr

This fine tree grown in China for 9 years, comes trained in a glazed ceramic Bonsai 20 cm planter. It makes a perfect gift.

  • Very easy to grow
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Elegantly shaped Bonsai trees in ceramic planters.

The ancient art of Bonsai brings the pleasure of growing trees to even the smallest of spaces. Given the correct care and using the right Bonsai tools it is possible to create an ancient looking mini tree over time.

We supply everything you need for successful Bonsai growing, Bonsai trees, Bonsai planters, Bonsai tools and Bonsai ornaments, Training wire and much more. Bonsai trees make fantastic life-long lasting gifts.

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