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  1. Appelboom Malus domestica Bramleys
    Standard Apple Malus Bramley's Seedling
    Stock 31
    Self-fertile Standard Malus Bramley's Seedling standing at over 1 meter tall is great for producing heavy crops of cooking apples. The apples can... Learn More
  2. Prunus Bigarreau Burlat (Kersenboom)
    Standard Cherry Bigarreau Burlat
    Stock 45
    Standard Prunus Bigarreau Burlat is one the most popular cherry sorts in France, as it requires the least attention and is highly productive. White Learn More
  3. Appelboom Malus domestica  Red Spur
    Mini Apple Tree Malus Gala Red
    Stock 33
    Harvest your own delicious apples from this fine self-fertile mini apple tree. It produces full sized tasty red apples and makes an impressive... Learn More
  4. Appelboom Malus domestica Gold Spur
    Mini Apple Tree Malus Golden Delicious
    Special Price £10.45 Regular Price £14.95
    Stock 41
    Harvest your own delicious apples from this fine self-fertile mini apple tree. It produces full sized tasty fruit and makes an impressive display... Learn More
  5. Laagstam Perenboom Doyenne du Comice
    Dwarf Pear Tree Doyenne du Comice
    Stock 43
    Harvest your own delicious pears from this fine mini pear tree. It produces full sized tasty fruit and makes an impressive display. Learn More
  6. Kersenboom Prunus avium Sylvia
    Cherry Tree Sylvia Prunus avium
    Stock 51
    This self fertile cherry tree is compact enough to grow in a large patio planter. It produces delicious sweet cherries in late summer. The fruit is... Learn More
  7. Appelboom Malus domestica Coxs Orange
    Standard Apple Malus Coxs Orange Pippin
    Stock 26
    Standard Malus Cox's Orange Pippin is one of the most popular varieties due to its excellent rich aromatic flavour. It’s between 1 metre and... Learn More
  8. Appelboom Malus domestica Golden
    Standard Apple Malus Golden Delicious
    Stock 35
    Standard Malus Golden Delicious is one of the best-known most popular dessert apples in the world. Over 1 metre tall, this self-fertile specimen is... Learn More
  9. Appelboom Malus domestica Granny Smith
    Standard Apple Malus Granny Smith
    Stock 32
    Malus Granny Smith is self-fertile and prized for its crispy, juicy fruit. The firm green fruit is best eaten fresh from the tree however the fruit... Learn More
  10. Pruimmenboom Prunus domestica Opal
    Standard Plum Opal
    Stock 23
    Standard Prunus Opal is a very reliable self fertile variety. It produces delicious reddish-purple fruit with soft yellow flesh mid summer. Learn More
  11. Pruimenboom Prunus domestica Czar
    Standard Plum Tree The Czar
    Stock 35
    Standard Plum Tree Prunus The Czar Plum is a strong variety of cooking plum. It's dark blue- purple fruits have a slightly bitter flavour which... Learn More
  12. Pruim domestica Victoria
    Standard Plum Victoria
    Stock 41
    Standard Prunus domestica Victoria is the most popular plum variety of all. It is self- fertile producing an abundance of large juicy fruits Learn More
  13. Perenboom Conference  80
    Standard Pear Tree Conference 80
    Stock 35
    Conference pears originate from England they are one of the most widely grown varieties in Europe. In recent years the quality of the Conference... Learn More
  14. Perenboom  Doyenne du Comice  80
    Standard Pear Tree Pyrus Doyenne du
    Stock 15
    Pear Tree Doyenne du Comice is an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects. This Standard Pyrus Doyenne du... Learn More
  15. Standard Cherry Sunburst
    Standard Cherry Sunburst
    Stock 45
    Standard Prunus Sunburst is one of the latest ripening cherries. Its large and sweet flavoured fruit turns almost black when ripe. The delicious... Learn More
  16. Pruimmenboom Prunus domestica Black
    Plumtree prunus domestica Black Amber
    Stock 64
    Prunus domestica Black Amber is a great dwarf variety perfect for growing in a pot on your patio, its compact growing nature makes it a good choice... Learn More
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Large variety of fruit producing plants, shrubs and trees!

One of the most rewarding things you can do in your garden is growing your own fruit, and these days almost everyone’s doing it, you just can't beat home grown produce for flavour and freshness.

No matter what size your garden is it is always possible to grow some of your favourite fruit. We have a large assortment of fruit trees and plants to get you started.

If outdoor space is an issue we stock many mini fruit trees such as lemons and oranges suitable for growing on a sunny windowsill.

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