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  1. Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Haag x 5
    Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Hedge x 5
    Stock 38
    In autumn it has decorative red berries. Is suited for hedging, however, it thrives when planted in a sheltered position, or are planted Learn More
  2. Photinia Red Robin Op Stam
    Standard Photinia Red Robin
    Stock 25
    The beauty of this standard Photinia “Red Robin” is its ability to produce a spectacular display all year round. Its shiny, variegated... Learn More
  3. Photinia fraseri 'Pink Marble'
    Photinia x fraseri Pink Marble
    Out of stock
    Photinia is a well-known shrub for the border. It liked for its spectacular bright coloured foliage. Pink Barble is a new cultivar and has... Learn More
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The scientific name Photinia is also widely used as the common name

Photinia has many common names: Japanese Photinia, Red Top, Red Leaf Photinia, Christmas berry

The most popular of the photinias is Photinia × fraseri ‘Red Robin’ which is can be planted as a specimen shrub or as a fast-growing, dense, evergreen hedge.

Photinia grows best in well-drained soil in a sheltered position.

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