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  1. Russische Dragon
    Only 9 left
    The leaves can be used fresh or dried for salads, pickles, vinegar and soups. It can also be used with chicken and fish dishes. Sow in early spring in... Learn More
  2. Kamille
    Camomille Mayweed
    Stock 38
    Camomille Mayweed is a very useful herb, it can be used as an infusion against insomnia and stomach disorders. Start the seed off in a cold frame or... Learn More
  3. Koriander
    Stock 26
    One of the most useful herbs to grow in your home or garden. All parts of the Coriander plant are edible, the fresh leaves have a citrus flavour... Learn More
  4. Majoraan
    Sweet Marjoram
    Stock 13
    Sweet Marjoram sometimes referred to as the meat herb, it is highly aromatic and has a wonderful citrus flavour. Marjoram tea is helpful for tension... Learn More
  5. Rozemarijn
    Rosemary officinalis
    Stock 37
    Rosemary helps to increase circulation and to clear respiratory congestion, including sinuses and asthma. March-April in a propagator or April-June... Learn More
  6. Salie
    Sage seed
    Stock 25
    Sage can be used both as a medicine and as a culinary herb. As medical plant it is known to heals wounds, sore throats and to guard against infection.... Learn More
  7. Venkel de Florence
    Fennel seed bag
    Stock 18
    Fennel is a highly aromatic herb with a slightly sweet aniseed flavour, it is mostly associated with Mediterranean Italian cooking. The bulb,... Learn More
  8. Augurk Kleine groene scherpe
    Gherkin Parisian pickling
    Stock 20
    This popular heirloom variety produces delicious gerkins ideal for eating fresh in salads or making sweet pickle. Sow from mid April until mid May in Learn More
  9. Chinese kool Granaat
    Chinese cabbage Michihili
    Stock 25
    Chinese cabbage 'Michihili' produces tender and crunchy delicious green leaves, excellent for Oriental dishes or they can be eaten raw in salads.... Learn More
  10. Broccoli Calabria
    Broccoli Calabria
    Only 9 left
    Calabria is a compact growing variety. Broccoli a member of the cabbage family is an excellant source of vitamines, potassium, iron, fibre and Learn More
  11. Suikermias golden bantam
    Sweet Corn golden bantam
    Stock 34
    Golden Bantam corn is an heirloom variety, hugely popular for it's delicious sweet flavour and tenderness. Plant out in rows after frosts in early... Learn More
  12. Asperges van Argenteuil
    Asparagus Early Argenteuil/asperge
    Stock 27
    Asparagus early Argenteuil is a highly recommended heirloom variety, it produces very large sweet tasting spears earlier than most other varieties.... Learn More
  13. Stengelui Ishikura
    Stock 14
    Ishikura variety is quick to mature and quite hardy. It forms long white stalks without bulbs that resembles leeks, as most of the plant can be... Learn More
  14. Artisjokken
    Artichoke Seed
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £2.50
    Stock 46
    Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) contains significant levels of vitamin C. fibre and folic acid. Its meaty, tender leaves and the bottom part of the... Learn More
  15. Pastinaken Zaad
    Stock 35
    This sweetly flavoured root vegetable is easy to grow, nutritious and versatile. They taste like a combination of celery and parsley. Parsnips are... Learn More
  16. Boerenkool Zaad Middelhoge Fijne Krul
    Curly Kale half-tall
    Only 2 left
    Curly Kale – half tall is a hardy very early variety with dwarf habit. Its quick growing and very prolific. Its dark green leaves are very... Learn More
  17. Boerenkool Zaad Westlandse Late Herfst
    Curly Kale - Westland autumn
    Stock 12
    Curly Kale - Westland autumn is a hardy variety and extremely easy to grow. Its rich in iron vitamins and best used in culinary dishes.... Learn More
  18. Koolrabi Zaad Lanro
    Kohlrabi Lanro
    Stock 14
    These turnips are hardy and fast-growing. Lanro variety has an attractive, green colour outer layer Learn More
  19. Tuinraap Zaad Milanees
    Garden Turnip Milan
    Only 8 left
    Turnips can be harvested mature or young, used in cooking or raw and even the young tops can be used like spring greens... Learn More
  20. Tuinraap Zaad Platte Witte Mei
    Early Flat White Garden Turnip
    Stock 23
    Turnips are a fast growing and surprisingly versatile crop. This is a very early variety with a great sweet flavour. Can be eaten raw or cooked.... Learn More
  21. Raapstelen Zaad Groen
    Turnip Greens
    Only 7 left
    Turnip Greens produce light green leaves with crunchy stems. They generally has a spicy taste and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Turnip greens... Learn More
  22. Kervelzaad Fijne Krul
    Chervil Fine curled
    Stock 28
    Chervil a great summer herb. Its easy to grow and very low maintanience. It has a mild and subtle taste, some say it’s a little like parsley.... Learn More
  23. Bloemkoolzaad Alpha
    Cauliflower Alpha
    Stock 17
    Cauliflower Alpha is a particularly tasty variety. For the aromatic flavor cauliflower needs a location in full sun and a moist and nutrient-rich... Learn More
  24. Tuinkers Zaad Gewoon
    Garden Cress - Common variety
    Stock 23
    Whether grown indoors or outdoors in open ground this cress adds a peppery taste to a wide range of culinary dishes. Used for sandwiches, salads,... Learn More
  25. Snijbiet- of Warmoeszaad Gele Witribbige
    Swiss Chard Lyon
    Stock 22
    Swiss Chard 'Lyon' has delicate, succulent tender leaves are mild and sweet, and make a great substitute to spinach and other recipes. Learn More
  26. Snijbiet- of Warmoeszaad Lucullus
    Swiss Chard Lucullus
    Stock 19
    Swiss Chard 'Lucullus' is a prolific variety producing an abundance nutritious green leaves on celery-like stalks from early spring until the first... Learn More
  27. Knolselderie Zaad Dolvi
    Celeriac Dolvi
    Only 4 left
    Celeriac Dolvi can be eaten raw or cooked, and tastes similar to the stalks of common celery. Celeriac is hardier and more disease resistant than... Learn More
  28. Popcorn Zaad (Pofmaïs)
    Corn Popcorn Plomik
    Only 8 left
    Delicious, healthy popcorn straight from your garden. Corn Popcorn Plomik is a butterfly-type popcorn and is the perfect variety to make tasty... Learn More
  29. Postelein Zaad Groen
    Purslane Green
    Stock 17
    Purslane can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. It can be used fresh in a salad or cooked just like spinach.... Learn More
  30. Garlic Chives
    Garlic Chives
    Stock 39
    Also known as Chinese chives, garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) can be used and stored in the same manner as chives. It has a delicate garlic... Learn More
  31. Watermelon Sugar Baby
    Watermelon Sugar Baby
    Available next Spring
    Sugar Baby is one of the most popular varieties it has a strong disease resistance and produces small juicy melons with dark pink flesh in just a few months. For best results start seeds off indoors and transplant outdoors mid spring to a protected Learn More
  32. Pepermunt
    Peppermint seed bag
    Out of stock
    Fresh leaves can be used for soup, stews and mint sauce, dried leaves for mint tea. Peppermint helps soothe an upset stomach and is an excellent... Learn More
  33. Koolrapen Champion
    Swede Champion
    Out of stock
    Rich in flavour Champion is the tastiest variety available, perfect for in soups and stews. It can be planted out from late summer. For best results sow every year in Learn More
  34. Broccoli Zaad Marathon F1
    Calabrese Marathon F1
    Out of stock
    Calabrese produces medium size, dense heads of bluish-green 'beads'. They will grow almost anywhere and are slow to run to seed and have good... Learn More
  35. Herfstbloemkool Zaad
    Cauliflower Vito For Autumn Use
    Out of stock
    Cauliflower Vito is a particularly tasty variety. For the aromatic flavor cauliflower needs a location in full sun and a moist and nutrient-rich... Learn More
  36. Schorseneren Zaad Duplex
    Scorzonera Duplex
    Out of stock
    Scorzonera is a root vegetable with an unusual name and appearance with a delicious oyster-like taste. This hardy variety Duplex is popular with... Learn More
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Other Vegetables & Herbs

You don't need a garden or greenhouse to grow your own herbs.

Our kits are ideal for growing herbs on your windowsill, they can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

Our seed packets complete with detailed growing instructions

Herb seeds - a mixed container of herbs growing outside by your kitchen door is very handy but if you don't have the space don't worry most herbs can also be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill and can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

We supply seeds for growing many of the most popular and useful varieties such as Basil seeds, Coriander seeds, Parsley seeds, Sage seeds, Thyme seeds and Rosemary seeds.

We stock mini greenhouses with herb seeds and compost for you to start of your seedlings; our mini greenhouse kits make great gifts.

Sowing your vegetable seeds

Crops such as lettuce and carrots are usually grown in shallow trenches. Firstly fork and level your Soil. Spread a stretched garden line over the Soil. Stand on the line and remove the Soil away with your garden hoe. Make your trench a half inch deep and sow your seeds a half an inch apart. Slowly pour water over them and pull back the Soil. Be sure not to damage what you have just sown. Do not forget to mark the spot, so you know where your vegetables lie. Be sure never to let them dry out. They need water to germinate.

Keep your vegetables growing

Stagger your planting by planting a few Vegetable seeds weekly and you will be rewarded with a Fresh cycle of vegetables every week. In very hot weather, protect the Seedlings with net cloches to stop them from wilting and to provide some Shade. If Seedlings apPear to be close together they will need thinning out but not with lettuce or Carrot as they can stimulate Carrot fly. Plant chives beside Carrot plants to discourage Carrot flies.

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