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Strawberry plants are one of the easiest and quickest plants to grow and produce fruit.

Strawberry plants can be grown in the garden or in hanging baskets on a balcony if you don't have space outdoors. The fruit-producing season can be extended from March through to November by planting a few different Strawberry plant varieties.

We supply large bare rooted Strawberry plants for best results

Strawberry Maxi Fructa produces huge fruit. Strawberry Maxi Fructa fruit flesh is quite firm with a succulent flavour. Strawberry Maxi Fructa likes to be well fed with some organic fertiliser around the plants and plenty of sunshine.

Strawberry Ostara produces large amounts of sweet tasting fruits and is not as prone to fungal infections as other varieties. Strawberry Ostara performs well in a wide range of growing conditions and soils; it can be grown in the garden or in large pots. These abundantly fruiting Ostara strawberries have an ongoing fruit producing capacity.

Tip; for strawberries planted in the garden plant them in rows and cover each row with straw to keep the fruit clean and slug free.

Planting strawberries

Strawberry plants are an excellent plant for amateur gardeners. They are not hardy in spring. It is important to find a location where they have the least risk of frost and wind. Choose the sunniest position in your garden. Never plant Strawberries where tomatoes or potatoes have been grown – as this could pass on root disease problems. Summer Fruiting Strawberries can be planted in late August/early September or early April. The runners can be pressed into pots in the ground. They will take 3-4 weeks to establish themselves, by which time they can be transplanted into your garden 45cm/18” apart. Incorporate as much organic matter or manure as possible into the Soil.

Propagating Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the easier plants to reproduce as they create offshoots (a long stem which carries a young plant at the end). It’s important to choose a Healthy plant and pick the strongest offshoots. Press it into a pot filled with compost and use wire to hold it in place. Place the pot back into ground beside the mature plant and water whenever the Soil is dry. Once the plant has established itself you can then moved it to the Other plants to bear an abundance of Strawberries next spring. You can grow your Strawberries earlier if grown under a cover from January onwards.

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