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Iris Germanica

Iris Germanica also called the Bearded Iris. This is due to the lower leaf of the petals, this is the 'Beard'. With special large flower heads and a multitude of colors, the Irirs Geranica is a true spectacle in the summer garden every year.

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Bearded Iris also knows as Iris Germanica

Iris plants are highly fragrant and very colourful, we ship the rhizomes direct from the nursery for best results.

Bearded Iris or Iris germanica is a group of iris cultivars grown from strong root rhizomes. Bearded Irises are known for their decorative silver grey sword-like foliage and spectacular fragrant flowers.

German Irises have beards of coloured hairs along the centre of each fall. German Irises like a sunny position in the garden and alkaline soil and almost thrive on neglect.

For best results plant Bearded Irises just below the surface, so that the top of the rhizome is only just exposed to the sun.

Other common names include common flag, german iris or bearded German Iris.

How to Care for Bearded Iris Germanica

Bearded Iris are exceptional plants, they thrive almost on neglect and yet flower with spectacular flowers and decorative foliage. They are very easy to grow.

Soak the roots prior to planting for 12 hours. Plant in an open sunny position with good drainage. Plant the tubers only ¾ down so that the top of the bulb is exposed on the surface of the Soil. Cover the top lightly with pure sand. Keep them well watered for the first two or three weeks after planting. Apply some organic fertiliser during early spring. Flowering may take one extra season, as they need to get settled. Keep them well watered for the first 6-8 weeks after planting. Flowering may take one extra season, as they need to get settled.

Apply organic fertiliser and a thin layer of compost around the base of plants each spring and again after the blooms are gone. To encourage a second bloom, cut the flower stalks close to the ground after the leaves have turned yellow.

Iris clumps can grow undisturbed for years, dividing being necessary when either the clumps become crowded or when vigor declines and blooms get smaller. Divide the plants (with a sharp knife or spade do not break or tear them) about every third year in early autumn and replant immediately. They do well in borders but along a pond too as a water side plant. (but not into the water!)

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