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Rhododendron shrubs are evergreen and bloom profusely in late spring. Rhododendrons prefer to grow in partial shade in acidic soil and form the basis of a beautiful border. Preferably place a Rhododendron shrub in a place where they also come into their own in the winter, when the rest of the garden is bare.

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Rhododendrons flower heads are spectacular and most of them are fragrant too

In the garden Rhododendrons do well in the border provided that you take care that the soil that is full with peaty compost. Create a planting hole of at least 60 x 60 x 60 cm per shrub and mix the topsoil with an equal amount of peat.

Fill up the hole firmly and water well. You will have great Rhododendrons!

Rhododendron species

Are you looking for a beautiful Rhododendron then the choice is huge in color and height. There are dwarf rhododendrons that can grow even in a rock garden, high rhododendrons, Japanese Azaleas, which are known for their exuberant bloom, Rhododendron mollis a deciduous species and species that can be planted well as hedges.

You do not have to prune the rhododendron. If the plant becomes too large, you can prune it after flowering. He will then again sprout no flowers the next year. It is a very easy-care shrub that needs little care.

How to prune Rhododendron

You can prune the Rhododendron after the winter. Immediately after flowering, in early May, is the best time to prune the Rhododendron.
If a Rhododendron does well in the garden, you can prune it as soon as it gets too big. After flowering, you should cut Rhododendron short. Where you prune the Rhododendron, it also runs out and flowers the following year. After pruning, in early May, the Rhododendron still has a whole growing season to make new twigs. Therefore, never perform this pruning in other months.

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