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  1. Pompoen rode van Etampes
    Pumpkin red Etampes
    Stock 27
    Red Etampes is a highly productive variety, not only full of flavour they are also highly decorative known as the Cinderella pumpkin due to their... Learn More
  2. Pompoen Oranje Zon
    Pumpkin Uchiki Kuri
    Stock 31
    Pumpkin Uchiki Kuri also known as Red kuri squash is one of the best winter squash vareities with a very delicate and soft chestnut-like flavour.... Learn More
  3. Pompoen Type Gele Reuzen
    Pumpkin Yellow
    Stock 32
    Yellow Pumpkin contains plenty of vitamin and minerals. It is low in calories and can be used to prepare various delicious dishes. Very easy to... Learn More
  4. Sierkalebassen Zaad
    Ornamental Gourds Large & small
    Stock 26
    Growing ornamental gourds is extremely easy and very rewarding. They are great for adding colour and interest to flower arrangments and craft... Learn More
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You don't need a garden or greenhouse to grow your own herbs.

Our kits are ideal for growing herbs on your windowsill, they can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

Our seed packets complete with detailed growing instructions

Herb seeds - a mixed container of herbs growing outside by your kitchen door is very handy but if you don't have the space don't worry most herbs can also be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill and can be taken directly from the pot to the saucepan for maximum freshness and flavour.

We supply seeds for growing many of the most popular and useful varieties such as Basil seeds, Coriander seeds, Parsley seeds, Sage seeds, Thyme seeds and Rosemary seeds.

We stock mini greenhouses with herb seeds and compost for you to start of your seedlings; our mini greenhouse kits make great gifts.

Sowing your vegetable seeds

Crops such as lettuce and carrots are usually grown in shallow trenches. Firstly fork and level your Soil. Spread a stretched garden line over the Soil. Stand on the line and remove the Soil away with your garden hoe. Make your trench a half inch deep and sow your seeds a half an inch apart. Slowly pour water over them and pull back the Soil. Be sure not to damage what you have just sown. Do not forget to mark the spot, so you know where your vegetables lie. Be sure never to let them dry out. They need water to germinate.

Keep your vegetables growing

Stagger your planting by planting a few Vegetable seeds weekly and you will be rewarded with a Fresh cycle of vegetables every week. In very hot weather, protect the Seedlings with net cloches to stop them from wilting and to provide some Shade. If Seedlings apPear to be close together they will need thinning out but not with lettuce or Carrot as they can stimulate Carrot fly. Plant chives beside Carrot plants to discourage Carrot flies.

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