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Grow your own vegetables with our best vegetable seeds, but what are you going to grow? A tomato plant, a delicious fresh cucumber from your own garden or a robust cabbage. Whatever you feel like, with our seeds you are 100% guaranteed a delicious fresh harvest.

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Growing from seed is easy, inexpensive and very satisfying

We have a large selection of affordable seeds to grow your own Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers. You can successfully grow very low cost plants for your garden by sowing seed. Here at our garden centre we have everything you need to get you started with great value gardening; we supply Herb seeds, vegetable seeds and flower seeds as well as compost and mini greenhouses for starting off indoors. Non hardy plants can be grown from seed indoors and by the time the temperature warms up outdoors you should have lots of healthy young plants ready to be moved outdoors. Our seeds are supplied with growing instructions, with all you need to know from seed germination to caring for seedlings and transplanting them out.

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