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Campanula - Bellflower

Campanula, commonly known as Bellflower, is a stunning perennial plant that adds elegance to any garden. Explore our wide range of Campanula plants at Gardens4You and create a beautiful perennial garden that lasts for years.
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About Campanula - Bellflower

Campanula, also known as Bellflower, is a genus of flowering plants that belong to the Campanulaceae family. These perennial plants are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are loved for their bell-shaped flowers and vibrant colors.

Growing Campanula

Campanula plants prefer well-draining soil and a sunny or partially shaded location in the garden. They can be easily grown from seeds or propagated from cuttings. Ensure to water them regularly, especially during dry spells, and provide support for taller varieties.

Types of Campanula

There are numerous varieties of Campanula available, including Campanula persicifolia, Campanula glomerata, and Campanula lactiflora. Each variety has its own unique characteristics, such as flower color, height, and blooming season.

Campanula Care

To keep your Campanula plants healthy, deadhead the faded flowers regularly and fertilize them with a balanced plant food. Divide clump-forming varieties every few years to maintain their vigor and ensure proper growth.

Uses in the Garden

Campanula - Bellflower is a versatile plant that can be used in various garden settings. Whether you want to create a colorful border, fill gaps in rock gardens, or add vertical interest to your flower beds, Campanula plants are a perfect choice.

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