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Shade-loving plants are very important to many gardens as they can bring light to darker areas of the garden.

Take for example a variegated Hosta, the radiant foliage will enhance the darker area of the garden and brighten it up.

We all have a bit of shade in the garden, but this shouldn't be seen as a problem as there are so many shade tolerant plants available to brighten even the darkest of areas.

We've put together a list of some of the most popular shade loving plants to help you on your way to a colourful garden. It's good to note how long the area is in the shade for when you are selecting your plants some plants grow in partial shade with just a few hours of sun each day whereas others will grow in almost total shade.

Beautiful shady garden

How to make a beautiful shady garden? With perennials, of course! Many people think that perennials do not grow in the shade. Fortunately, there are many examples of beautiful shady gardens to prove the opposite. The range of perennials in the shade is surprisingly huge.

A shady garden is not necessarily boring, in the cool shade grow the most beautiful plants for shade. They may be less spectacular, but no less beautiful. We speak of shade, when in summer there is less than three hours a day of direct sunlight, or over a long period of time, filtered light shines on the plant. Achieving a successful plantation in a shady garden is not difficult. It is important to consider the amount of shade. In the low light environment of deciduous trees and shrubs or in front of a wall, there is surprisingly a large range of shade plants that can grow.

Taking care of shadow plants

Shade is not usually the biggest problem for shade plants, it is mostly dry soil under trees or walls to the north. If the light is low and there is almost no water, then most shade plants die. Give them more water during dry periods. You also help them by covering them with dead leaves, so the water is better preserved in the soil. Spread each year a layer of compost, wood chips or bark between the shade plants. This produces a little more humus in the soil. Humus acts like a sponge and retains water better.

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