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Finding Air purifying plants that clean the air could make your environment healthier

They can add moisture to the air by a process called "transpiration". After you have watered your houseplant, the moisture will travel from the roots up to the pores that are on the backside of the leaves and release moisture that is essentially sweat, which in turn will increase the humidity level in the room.

Fresh and healthy indoor climate

Some indoor plants are not only very beautiful but also useful. Do you know that some plants can purify the air very well. In addition to a green atmosphere in the home, they also provide a fresher oxygen. These special air-purifying houseplants are real natural air fresheners and also ideal as an office plant.

Types of air-purifying houseplants

The houseplants in this category have a proven positive effect on the air quality of your living room. They filter dust particles and a number of toxic substances from the air. The effect should not be exaggerated, but all help in improving the indoor climate is included, and otherwise it is just beautiful house plants.

But which plants are best for a healthy living environment in your home? Because there are a number of houseplants that are able to purify the air inside. The Chlorophytum, Calathea and Spathiphyllum are plants that are known to improve air quality. But the Dracena, Ficus and Sanseveria also fit in well with this. The plants are easy to care for and do well in your office, bedroom or living room.

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With all our air-purifying house plants you get standard flower guarantee, if you are not satisfied you get new plants or your money back. You can order without worry. We have the best quality large indoor plants and deliver your plants quickly. You can also pamper your plant with extra delicious plant food.

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