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Buddleja or also called butterfly bush blooms very profusely and as the name suggests, it is popular with butterflies that manage to reach the nectar in the narrow individual flowers with their long tongue. We have several types of buddleja available in various colors. From small varieties of buddleja, which are also suitable for pots on a terrace, to large butterfly bushes that can grow up to 3 meters high.

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Buddleja shrub blooms with spectacular flowers in a range of fine colours

Buddleia shrubs bear fragrant cascading flowers that are rich in nectar so they attract lots of beneficial pollinating insects. Buddleias are easy to maintain in every garden however the grow best in a sheltered sunny spot. Buddleia can become straggly. For best results trim your Buddleia down hard in autumn and it will re-grow the next season without fail.

We supply Buddleia davidii variety.

When and how to prune Buddleja

It is best to prune the bush around the end of March or in April if it does not freeze. The Buddleja pruning is done in mild weather. If it stays freezing, you can better postpone the job. Some people choose to prune the butterfly bush in the autumn. This is possible too, but pay attention to the fact that the branches may not be pruned as deeply as in spring, otherwise the bush may suffer frost damage. Moreover, you also miss the beautiful winter image.

The new shoots of the butterfly bush often start to grow in the winter. Are you going to prune the butterfly bush, then there may already be buttons in it. Do not be afraid to cut them away because the new shoots will soon run out again. Cut all branches back to about fifty centimeters high, just above the new shoots. Because of this drastic pruning the Buddleja will come back vigorously and also make new ground shoots, making the bush completely rejuvenate itself within a few years. Also prune one or two old, gnarled branches every year at twenty centimeters.

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