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  1. Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus
    Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus
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    Stock 84
    Miscanthus sinensis 'Malepartus' also known as Chinese silver grass is a spectacular deciduous ornamental grass, it’s arching leaves grow... Learn More
  2. Miscanthus sinensis Silberfeder (Chinees
    Miscanthus sinensis Silberfeder
    Stock 74
    Miscanthus sinensis 'Silver feather' is a tall statuesque clump forming grass with arching leaves and crimped silver plumes in late summer, the... Learn More
  3. Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus (Zebragras)
    Miscanthus sinensis Zebrinus
    Stock 81
    One of the most popular new ornamental grasses available. Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus' gets it’s name from the wonderful horizontal stripes... Learn More
  4. Miscanthus Sinensis Yakushima Dwarf
    Miscanthus Sinensis Yaku Jima Dwarf
    Stock 29
    'Yaku Jima Dwarf' produces small pale pink feathery flower heads emerge from the centre of the clump. These gradually turn to Learn More
  5. Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus
    Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus
    Stock 22
    Gracillimus' is a compact, clump-forming deciduous versatile ornamental grass with narrow, arching green leaves and the feathery plumes in rich... Learn More
  6. Miscanthus sinensis kleine Silberspinne
    Miscanthus sinensis kleine Silberspinne
    Special Price £5.25 Regular Price £7.50
    Stock 83
    Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne flowers with silver-gray flower spikes, Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Silberspinne combines well with... Learn More
  7. Miscanthus Sinensis Strictus
    Miscanthus sinensis Strictus
    Out of stock
    Strictus is a compact, clump-forming deciduous grass commonly known as porcupine grass due to its erect leaf blades allegedly resembling porcupine... Learn More
  8. Miscanthus sinensis Agadio 9cm Pot
    Miscanthus sinensis Agadio
    Out of stock
    Miscanthus sinensis Adagio is an ornamental grass with silver-grey leaves that turn yellow in autumn. It is a clump-forming deciduous grass. ... Learn More
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Common names include Chinese silver grass, Eulalia grass, maiden grass, zebra grass, Susuki grass, and porcupine grass

Miscanthus is a species of clump-forming flowering grass plant native to eastern Asia throughout most of China and Japan.

Miscanthus grass are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no wonder why. Miscanthus plants add colour and interest to the garden for months on end. Each variety produces elegant, arching foliage and in late summer it's joined by feathery purplish flowers, which are held above the foliage and remain attractive well into winter.

Tall varieties are ideal for the back of the border or as a specimen plant and the smaller varieties are perfect for the front of the border or shrubbery. We recommend cutting to ground level to help rejuvenate and make room for the new growth

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