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  1. Hosta White Feather
    Hosta White Feather
    Special Price £3.55 Regular Price £4.75
    Stock 100+
    Hosta White Feather is an interesting variety. Its young foliage emerges pure white in Spring. As the year goes on, the plant becomes pale green... Learn More
  2. Hosta Sieboldiana Frances Williams 9cm
    Hosta sieboldiana Frances Williams
    Only 2 left
    A beautiful shade loving variegated Hosta with large heart-shaped leaves in dark and light green colours. Flowers in early to mid-summer with near... Learn More
  3. Hosta Tardiana Halcyon 9 Cm Hartlelie
    Hosta Tardiana Halcyon 9cm
    Stock 48
    Hosta Halcyon is a medium sized variety with handsome heart shaped, silver-blue foliage and attractive pale lavender flowers in summer. Perfect for... Learn More
  4. Hosta Wide Brim Hartlelie
    Hosta Wide Brim
    Stock 21
    Hostas are very tough, long-lived, shade-loving perennials. 'Wide Brim' is a clump-forming perennial with heart-shaped, dark green leaves broadly... Learn More
  5. Hosta Fortunei Albopicta
    Hosta fortunei Albopicta
    Stock 21
    This lovely Hosta boasts gold and green variegated foliage which help add extra depth and dimension to borders and you will also be rewarded with... Learn More
  6. Hosta Sieboldiana
    Hosta sieboldiana
    Stock 15
    Prized for it's large heart-shaped leaves in shades of dark and light green this Hosta flowers early to mid summer with near white flowers... Learn More
  7. Hosta Hyacinthina
    Hosta fortunei Hyacinthina
    Stock 21
    Hosta fortunei Hyacinthina produces in mid-summer heart-shaped dark green leaves with a hint of blue with an unusual dove-grey underside and pale... Learn More
  8. Hosta fortunei 'Aureomarginata'
    Hosta fortunei Aureomarginata
    Stock 20
    Hosta fortunei Aureomarginata is one of the most popular hosta plants. It has large green heart-shaped leaves edged with golden, the margin fades... Learn More
  9. Hosta Fortunei Patriot
    Hosta fortunei Patriot
    Stock 19
    Patriot is a medium hosta, it has highly ornamental olive-green foliage with wide irregular pure white margins and pale lavender flowers in summer.... Learn More
  10. Hosta Krossa Regal
    Hosta Krossa Regal
    Stock 16
    Krossa Regal is richly textured with twisted, deeply ridged leaves and pale lavender flowers in summer. This bold variety is a real eyecatcher!... Learn More
  11. Hosta Albomarginata
    Hosta Albomarginata
    Stock 38
    Hosta Albomarginata is a compact variety with perfect pointed, rich green leaves edged in creamy-white margins. In summer pretty pale blue flowers... Learn More
  12. Hosta August Moon
    Hosta August Moon
    Special Price £3.95 Regular Price £5.25
    Stock 92
    Hosta August Moon is a must to add to your hosta collection this year. In mid-summer it produces heart-shaped, cupped, pale green leaves sometimes... Learn More
  13. Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
    Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
    Stock 18
    Hosta Blue Mouse Ears produces smooth, neat, blue-green leaves with a dull surface, the foliage is topped in midsummer by bell-shaped pale purple... Learn More
  14. Hosta fortunei 'Aureomarginata' 13 cm
    Hosta fortunei Aureomarginata
    Special Price £11.00 Regular Price £13.95
    Only 4 left
    Hosta Aureomarginata has beautiful leaves, green with a yellow edge, and a lilac flower. The flowering period is from July to August and the height... Learn More
  15. Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd
    Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.25
    Stock 100+
    The Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd has round blue-grey puckered leaves. This plant has beautiful white flowers from July to August and grows best in... Learn More
  16. Hosta Anne
    Hosta Anne
    Special Price £3.20 Regular Price £4.25
    Stock 57
    Hosta Anne has dark green leaves with a striking wide yellow margin. This plant gives a unique look to your garden. Hosta plants are versatile-... Learn More
  17. Hosta Avocado
    Hosta Avocado
    Stock 23
    The Hosta Avocado is a mutation of the Hosta Guacamole of which it keeps the magnificent fragrant white bloom. The flowers appear in July and are... Learn More
  18. Hosta Banana Kid
    Hosta Banana Kid
    Stock 38
    Hosta Banana Kid has yellow-green textured large leaves. The bright, chartreuse hue of this versatile perennial is spectacular. Grows quickly with... Learn More
  19. Hosta Bobcat
    Hosta Bobcat
    Special Price £4.30 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 66
    The Hosta Bobcat is a beautiful little hosta with blue-green leaves surrounded by a golden border that turns creamy white as the season progresses.... Learn More
  20. Hosta Broadway
    Hosta Broadway
    Stock 22
    Hosta Broadway is a medium to large sized hosta with striking foliage that develops lavender colored flowers midsummer. Hosta plants are versatile-... Learn More
  21. Hosta Enchiladas
    Hosta Enchiladas
    Stock 31
    Hosta Enchiladas is a stunning Hosta. The bright yellow leaves have thick dark green margins. Hosta plants are versatile- They grow well in part... Learn More
  22. Hosta Firn Line
    Hosta Firn Line
    Special Price £4.30 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 73
    Hosta Firn Line has heart-shaped blue leaves with a wide white margin. Hosta plants are versatile- They grow well in part sun to semi-shade, in... Learn More
  23. Hosta Get Nekkid
    Hosta Get Nekkid
    Stock 38
    Hosta Get Nekkid is a wonderfully attractive plant. It has very shiny light green leaves with wavy margins. Its flowers are very decorative,... Learn More
  24. Hosta June
    Hosta June
    Stock 38
    The Hosta June root produces medium-sized, oval foliage, very nicely variegated with deep green, pale green and delicate gold. It produces lots of... Learn More
  25. Hosta Lakeside Little Tuft
    Hosta Lakeside Little Tuft
    Stock 54
    Hosta Lakeside Little Tuft has interesting elongated leaves with creamy white centres and dark green margins. Pale purple flowers appear in... Learn More
  26. Hosta Magic Island
    Hosta Magic Island
    Stock 40
    Hosta Magic Island is an attractive member of the Hosta family. It has grey-blue leaves with a centre that starts creamy-white and progresses to a... Learn More
  27. Hosta Mama Mia
    Hosta Mama Mia
    Stock 33
    The Hosta Mama Mia Hosta is a pretty perennial that can grow up to 35cm tall and 60cm wide. This rustic hosta is resistant to temperatures down to... Learn More
  28. Hosta Miracle Lemony
    Hosta Miracle Lemony
    Stock 25
    The Hosta Miracle Lemony remains the very first hosta to produce yellow flowers. The bright yellow flowers it produces are bell-shaped and give off... Learn More
  29. Hosta Moon Split
    Hosta Moon Split
    Stock 37
    Hosta Moon Split has dark leaves and a golden margin. It produces pretty mauve-lavender blooms and will like a northerly, shady position. It is a... Learn More
  30. Hosta Paul Revere
    Hosta Paul Revere
    Stock 38
    Hosta Paul Revere has cream-white centered leaves and dark green edges. Lavender coloured flowers appear in Summer. ... Learn More
  31. Hosta Praying Hands
    Hosta Praying Hands
    Stock 46
    Hosta Praying Hands has a unique upright form with narrow, tightly folded dark green leaves edged with yellow. Flowers in Summer with bell shaped... Learn More
  32. Hosta Prima Donna
    Hosta Prima Donna
    Stock 44
    Hosta Prima Donna has wonderfully textured glossy green leaves with a yellow margin that changes to white as the Summer progresses. Pale lavender... Learn More
  33. Hosta Purple Sensation
    Hosta Purple Sensation
    Special Price £4.30 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 64
    Hosta Purple Sensation features very attractive bright green foliage that is wonderfully textured. It also features unique dark purple star-shaped... Learn More
  34. Hosta So Sweet
    Hosta So Sweet
    Stock 55
    Hosta So Sweet is a compact variety with glossy green leaves with creamy margins. Its star-shaped white flowers that appear in Summer are very... Learn More
  35. Hosta Sugar and Spice
    Hosta Sugar and Spice
    Special Price £2.80 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 58
    Hosta Sugar and Spice is a medium sized variety that has wide glossy green leaves. The wavy edges emerge yellow and become creamy-white as the... Learn More
  36. Hosta Sum and Substance
    Hosta Sum and Substance
    Stock 37
    Hosta Sum and Substance is one of the largest hosta varieties. When established they can reach a width of 150cm wide and up to 90cm tall. It has... Learn More
  37. Hosta T Rex
    Hosta T Rex
    Special Price £3.20 Regular Price £4.25
    Stock 100+
    Hosta T Rex is a jumbo cultivar, at maturity its huge leaves can reach 45cm long. Its leaves are a medium green, and have a wonderful texture. It... Learn More
  38. Hosta Tokudama Flavocircinalis  Bare roo
    Hosta Tokudama Flavocircinalis Bare roo
    Stock 49
    Hosta Tokudama Flavocircinalis has interesting puckered leaves of blue-green colour with irregular margins of yellow-green. An attractive plant for... Learn More
  39. Hosta Velvet Moon
    Hosta Velvet Moon
    Special Price £4.30 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 91
    Hosta Velvet Moon has beautiful green leaves with wide bright yellow margins. Pretty purple flowers appear on spikes in Summer. They grow well in... Learn More
  40. Hosta Fragrant Bouquet
    Hosta Fragrant Bouquet
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.25
    Stock 60
    Hosta Fragrant Bouquet is an excellent large hosta that has apple green foliage and wide cream leaf margins. New leaves are lime-green with a... Learn More
  41. Hosta Invincible
    Hosta Invincible
    Special Price £2.20 Regular Price £2.95
    Stock 69
    Hosta Invincible is a hosta with beautiful glossy green leaves that are wrinkled and wavy on the edges. The Invincible produces pale lavender... Learn More
  42. Hosta Blauwe Cadet
    Hosta Blue Cadet
    Only 2 left
    The Hosta Blue Cadet is a medium-sized specimen with attractive blue-green veined heart-shaped leaves. Pale lavender bell-shaped flowers appear in... Learn More
  43. Hosta Blauw Stilton
    Hosta Blue Stilton
    Special Price £2.80 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 74
    Hosta Blue Stilton is an attractive specimen with intense blue-grey heart-shaped leaves. Pale lavender bell-shaped flowers appear in summer. It is... Learn More
  44. Hosta Blauwe Visie
    Hosta Blue Vision
    Special Price £3.70 Regular Price £4.95
    Stock 81
    Hosta Blue Vision is an attractive specimen with deeply crinkled blue-green leaves. Pretty white flowers, irresistible to butterflies and bees,... Learn More
  45. Hosta Broadband
    Hosta Broad Band
    Stock 42
    Hosta Broad Band is a spectacular specimen with large, heart-shaped dark green leaves edged with yellow-cream. It develops pretty, almost white... Learn More
  46. Hosta Buckshaw Blauw
    Hosta Buckshaw Blue
    Stock 32
    Hosta Buckshaw Blue is a specimen with elegant, pleated, heart-shaped, dark blue-green leaves. It develops grey-white flowers in early summer. It... Learn More
  47. Hosta Diamand Tiara
    Hosta Diamond Tiara
    Stock 43
    Hosta Diamond Tiara is a small specimen with a rounded habit. It is interesting for its light green foliage edged with white and its pale mauve... Learn More
  48. Hosta Moonlight Sonata
    Hosta Moonlight Sonata
    Special Price £2.80 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 100+
    Hosta Moonlight Sonata has corrugated brilliant green leaves that have slightly wavy margins. Its fragrant flowers appear in early summer before... Learn More
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Hosta plants are also known as Hart Lily and Funkia, in Japan they’re known as Giboshi

Suitable for growing in borders, large tubs or in shady spots where nothing else will grow.

The Hosta was introduced to Europe by Dr. Phillip Franz von Siebold, (1796-1867) who himself raised the still popular Hosta sieboldiana Elegance. Hosta plants are prized for their architectural foliage, their variety of shapes, colours and their hardiness are widely appreciated by gardeners all over the world providing interest from spring to late autumn frosts.

Hosta plants are very adaptable they grow well in shaded areas of the garden and make great ground cover plants. Many varieties grow well in containers too. We deliver strong multiple nosed Hosta plants direct from our nursery for best results.

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