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Dutch Iris

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  1. Iris Hollandica Regenboog mengsel x 10
    Iris hollandica mix x 10
    Stock 100+
    This lovely unique late spring flower will add vibrant colour to your garden when it's needed most. Midly Fragrant Dutch Iris in a rainbow mixture... Learn More
  2. Iris hollandica Autumn Princess x 10
    Iris hollandica Autumn Princess x 10
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 100+
    Iris hollandica 'Autumn Princess' is a majestic variety with rich exotic looking blooms, it's glowing flowers are a stunning combination of... Learn More
  3. Iris Hollandica Mahogany Mix x 10
    Iris hollandica Mahogany Mix x 10
    Stock 75
    This unique mixture of Dutch Irises produces beautiful blooms in warm tones of golden, bronze, copper and mahogany. Learn More
  4. Iris Hollandica White Exelsior x 10
    Iris hollandica White Exelsior x 10
    Stock 100+
    An elegant addition to your borders or planters this stunning Iris will make you the envy of all your gardening friends. It’s flowers are a... Learn More
  5. Iris Hollandica Eye of the Tiger x 10
    Iris hollandica Tigers Eye x 10
    Stock 100+
    These deer and rabbit resistant bulbs are best planted in clumps to achieve that striking effect. Rich and delicate beautiful hardy irises with... Learn More
  6. Iris Hollandica Lion King x 10
    Iris Hollandica Lion King x 10
    Stock 100+
    The Lion King Iris is a completely new variety prized for it’s large elegant flowers in an exquisite combination of bronze and golden, it is... Learn More
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Beautiful hardy Irises have glorious exotic looking blooms on tall elegant stems

Our assortment of Dutch Iris Flower Bulbs are supplied direct from the bulb fields of Holland, 100% Guaranteed, Quick Delivery.

Dutch Irises are hybrids of I.xiphium and I. tingitana. Dutch Iris bulbs usually bears one flowering stem which produces two blooms that open in succession. Dutch irises flower in spring. They are great value, leave them alone and they happily naturalise in drifts year after year, they're easy to grow in well-drained soil and full sun.

These fantastic bulbous perennials have glorious exotic looking blooms and lance shaped foliage on tall elegant stems. Dutch Irises oversized elegant flowers produce a heavenly scent that's sure to please for weeks on end.

Dutch Irises are excellent for cutting. Check out our large Dutch iris assortment and plant them now for years of blooms.

How to plant Dutch Iris

Dutch iris bulbs are frost prone and must be well drained. Plant them at a depth of 6 - 8 cm (3 Inch). The broad bottom should be pressed into the fine loosened up soil of the planting site, the smaller tip must point upwards. Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the planted Iris bulbs. Have a thick layer of mulch on top of the planting area, water well. Fertilise in early spring with some organic fertiliser on top when the sprouts become visual. Remove the plants after flowering most of them will not re bloom

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