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Iris Siberica

You can recognize the Siberian Iris by its somewhat smaller flowers with markings and narrow, bright green leaves. Irises are planted in full sun. They come back every summer. It is an excellent cut flower.

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Iris sibrica or Siberian Flag is popular because of its ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions. Siberian Iris is perfect for growing in borders or along the side of a pond. They like to have well drained moisture retetnive soil with high compost content.

Siberian Irises elegant foliage is grass-like and flowers bloom on tall stems in summer. They are hardy plants and very adaptable they will tolerate most conditions once established.

Caring for Siberian Iris

These statuesque Perennials provide year round interest, they have stunning exotic looking flowers in summer as well as grassy foliage which turns a beautiful reddish- brown in autumn and their Seedpods look lovely in flower arrangements.

Plant Iris sibirica in an open sunny position with good drainage, they benefit from at least 6 hours sunlight daily. Plant the rhizomes in a good mixture of potting compost and sand, the rhizome should covered to where you can actually see the very top of as it needs to be exposed to the sunlight, the roots should be buried beneath the Soil. To achieve this dig a hole 26 cm in diameter and 10 cm deep, then mound up a little pile of Soil. Place the rhizome on top of this mound with the roots spread out over the Soil, then fill in the hole and cover the roots, leaving the top of the rhizome slightly exposed.

Keep them well watered for the first 6-8 weeks after planting. Flowering may take one extra season, as they need to get settled.

Apply organic fertiliser and a thin layer of compost around the base of plants each spring and again after the blooms are gone. To encourage a second bloom, cut the flower stalks close to the ground after the leaves have turned yellow.

Siberian Iris clumps can grow undisturbed for years, dividing being necessary when either the clumps become crowded or when vigor declines and blooms get smaller. Divide the plants (with a sharp knife or spade do not break or tear them) about every third year in early autumn and replant immediately. They do well in borders but along a pond too as a water side plant.

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