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Calatheas are tropical houseplants and spectacular to decorate your interior with. Grown for its attractive foliage, this plant is a favorite houseplant. Many varieties are available in a beautiful range of decorative foliage. They easily become the showpiece of your interior.

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Calathea is also known as peacock plant or prayer plants because their leaves fold upwards at night

Calatheas are tropical houseplants that belong to the maranta family; they originate from the American tropics. These plants like to grow in bright indirect light. They need high humidity; their leaves turn brown on the edges if the air is too dry.

Calathea houseplant in various types

The Calathea leaves are oval, ribbed, wavy and decorated with the most beautiful leaf drawings. These houseplants not only look beautiful, they also move. When the sun rises, the leaves open and close again in the evening. The underside of the leaf of some species is velvety soft.

Well-known varieties such as Lancifolia, Makoyana and Rosea Picta are both very decorative and very stylish. The Calatheas are known for their typical characteristics, such as the leaf that is greenish-white striped on the top and purple on the underside.

The zebrina

There are many species in this plant family, but one of the most popular is the zebra plant Calathea zebrina.

How do you care for the Calathea?

Everything you need to know about caring for Calathea. These plants need special care to thrive. Originating from tropical regions, they like relatively stable temperatures. They grow on the forest floor of tropical rainforests. They need a warm spot and bright but indirect light, keep them out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist from spring through fall. In winter you can water a little less. This houseplant also likes occasional fertilizing with a good solution of liquid fertilizer.

Spectacular foliage

This striking foliage has earned the Calathea several nicknames, including the peacock plant, the cathedral window plant, the zebra plant, and the rattlesnake plant. Calatheas are also called the prayer plant because they can close their leaves. Their bright green leaves can be striped in white, yellow or pink in a striking feather-like pattern. It sometimes seems as if the leaves are painted, so beautiful.

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