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  1. Lage Afrikanenzaad Golden Age
    African Marigold Golden Age
    Stock 28
    This African marigold ‘Golden Age’ is a low-growing plant with a compact habit. Ideally suited to low borders, edges, as well as pots,... Learn More
  2. Hoge Afrikanenzaad Hawaii
    African Marigold Hawaii seed bag
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 42
    This attractive and low maintenance annual blooms profousely on extra tall stems with large, deep orange blooms throughout summer and into autumn.... Learn More
  3. Hoge Afrikanenzaad Yellow Supreme
    African marigold Yellow Supreme
    Only 8 left
    Yellow supreme is compact tender annual, with aromatic foliage and double flowers in sunny shades of yellow. Plants can't set seed, so they flower... Learn More
  4. Ageratumzaad Blue Mink
    Ageratum Floss Flower Blue Mink
    Stock 41
    Popular and excellent edging and bedding plant. It produces clusters of pale blue flowerheads that bloom from midsummer until ... Learn More
  5. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon
    Stock 19
    Anthirrhinum also known as Snapdragon flowers are old classic cottage-garden favourites. They attract plenty of bees and butterflies to your garden... Learn More
  6. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad Tetraploïde
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon Tetraploide
    Special Price £2.75 Regular Price £3.95
    Stock 43
    Snapdragon Tetraploide is an old classic cottage-garden favourites. They attract plenty of bees and butterflies to your garden and produce masses... Learn More
  7. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad Tom Thumb
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon Tom Thumb
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 51
    Dwarf snapdragons Tom Thumb are very suitable for planting pots and window boxes. They produce masses of fragrant, multicolored flowers throughout... Learn More
  8. Artisjokken
    Artichoke Seed
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £2.50
    Stock 46
    Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) contains significant levels of vitamin C. fibre and folic acid. Its meaty, tender leaves and the bottom part of the... Learn More
  9. Asperges van Argenteuil
    Asparagus Early Argenteuil/asperge
    Stock 27
    Asparagus early Argenteuil is a highly recommended heirloom variety, it produces very large sweet tasting spears earlier than most other varieties.... Learn More
  10. Fijnstraal aster Unicum
    Aster Unicum
    Stock 39
    This Chinese Aster is a wonderful addition to your garden, it produces long lasting multicoloured spider-like blooms prolifically late summer when... Learn More
  11. Aster laag gemengd
    Aster dwarf mixed
    Stock 30
    This Chinese Aster is a quite low growing annual, producing brilliantly coloured double blooms abundantly during summer into autumn. Removing the... Learn More
  12. Aster enkelbloemig
    Aster single flowering
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 45
    Also known as the Chinese Aster. Produces brilliantly coloured single flowering blooms abundantly during summer into autumn. Removing the faded... Learn More
  13. Bieten- of Krotenzaad Cylindra
    Beetroot Cylindra
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.75
    Stock 61
    As its name suggests is a cylindrical beetroot with dark purple-red flesh that holds its sweet flavour all season long ... Learn More
  14. Biet of Kroot Egyptische platronde
    Beetroot Egyptian turnip rooted
    Stock 33
    This turnip shaped, flat rooted beetroot is a heirloom variety that matures early and is full of flavour. After boiling, cool off the beets and... Learn More
  15. Moluccella laevis Klokken van Ierland
    Bells of Ireland - moluccella laevis
    Stock 34
    Bells of Ireland (or Moluccella Laevis) is a unique summer flowering annual. It’s a member of the mint family and is fast growing. It... Learn More
  16. Rammenas Zaad Lange Zwarte
    Black Winter Radish Long
    Only 2 left
    Winter radishes may require a longer growing period but are far superior to spring varieties. They store better, and their flavoured white... Learn More
  17. Tuinbonenzaad Leidse Hangers
    Broad Beans Hangdown 100 Gr
    Only 8 left
    Broad Beans Hangdown is a medium late variety that produces long-podded, green-seeded beans with an excellent flavour. Each pod contains 5-6 fresh... Learn More
  18. Broccoli Calabria
    Broccoli Calabria
    Only 9 left
    Calabria is a compact growing variety. Broccoli a member of the cabbage family is an excellant source of vitamines, potassium, iron, fibre and Learn More
  19. Spruitkool Groninger (Spruitjes)
    Brussels Sprouts Groninger
    Stock 15
    Produces a steady supply of medium sized green sprouts great tasting sprouts all through the autumn and well into the winter Learn More
  20. Balkontomatenzaad
    Bush Tomato Maja
    Only 2 left
    Tomato Bush Maja produces large bright red round fruits full of flavour and can be used in any dish whre tomatoes are used. Tomatoes love the... Learn More
  21. Witte Kool (Langedijker Bewaar)
    Cabbage Langedijk white late
    Stock 25
    Langedijk the most popular variety for making coleslaw! A great late season variety that if kept in a frost proof place can be stored till... Learn More
  22. Slaapmutsjes Zaad Enkelbloemig
    Californian Poppy Single
    Stock 28
    These Californian single flowering poppies create spectacular displays, producing an abundance of blooms in shades of red and pinks all summer... Learn More
  23. Slaapmutsjes Zaad Dubbelbloemig
    Californian Poppy double
    Stock 37
    These Californian double flowering poppies create spectacular displays, producing an abundance of blooms in shades of red and pinks all summer... Learn More
  24. Kamille
    Camomille Mayweed
    Stock 38
    Camomille Mayweed is a very useful herb, it can be used as an infusion against insomnia and stomach disorders. Start the seed off in a cold frame or... Learn More
  25. Wortelzaad Amsterdam Bak 2
    Carrot Amsterdam
    Stock 16
    Carrot ‘Amsterdam’ is a high quality variety producing cylindrical, baby carrots with a rich deep orange red colour. One of the... Learn More
  26. Worteltjes (Parijse Markt)
    Carrot Paris Market
    Stock 11
    Carrot Paris Market, with its excellent colour and sweet taste is an early little round carrot that comes from a nineteenth-century French... Learn More
  27. Bloemkoolzaad Alpha
    Cauliflower Alpha
    Stock 17
    Cauliflower Alpha is a particularly tasty variety. For the aromatic flavor cauliflower needs a location in full sun and a moist and nutrient-rich... Learn More
  28. Knolselderie Zaad Dolvi
    Celeriac Dolvi
    Only 4 left
    Celeriac Dolvi can be eaten raw or cooked, and tastes similar to the stalks of common celery. Celeriac is hardier and more disease resistant than... Learn More
  29. Snijselderie Zaad Amsterdams Donkergroen
    Celery Amsterdamse
    Stock 28
    Celery Amsterdamse is full of flavour, its one of the best varieties around and widely used in cooking or eating fresh in salads! For a good... Learn More
  30. Bleekselderie (Goudgele)
    Celery Golden
    Only 9 left
    Celery Golden is an early variety, full of flavour and disease resistant; its stalks are thick and heavy, but with no strings. One of the best... Learn More
  31. Groene selder Pascal
    Celery Pascal
    Stock 21
    Celery Pascal is full flavoured and one of the most crisp and tender varieties available. The stalks can be added to soups or stews and the leaves... Learn More
  32. Snijselderie Zaad Gewone Snij
    Celery Plain
    Stock 15
    Celery plain is full of flavour, its one of the best varieties around and widely used in cooking or eating fresh in salads! For a good biological... Learn More
  33. Kervelzaad Fijne Krul
    Chervil Fine curled
    Stock 28
    Chervil a great summer herb. Its easy to grow and very low maintanience. It has a mild and subtle taste, some say it’s a little like parsley.... Learn More
  34. Witloof Mechelse
    Stock 14
    Young Chicory leaves can be eaten fresh in salads and older which have a more bitter flavour can be cooked as a vegetable. Sow in the open ground in... Learn More
  35. Witlofzaad Middelvroeg
    Chicory Mechelen Medium-Early
    Stock 16
    Chicory is a delicious leafy green vegetable that can be eaten cooked or raw in a salad with apple pieces and other... Learn More
  36. Witlofzaad Zoom F1
    Chicory Witloof Zoom F1
    Only 7 left
    Chicory Witloof Zoom F1 is a lettuce alternative with a distinct flavour. Very popular that produces delicious chicorys. ... Learn More
  37. Chinese kool Granaat
    Chinese cabbage Michihili
    Stock 25
    Chinese cabbage 'Michihili' produces tender and crunchy delicious green leaves, excellent for Oriental dishes or they can be eaten raw in salads.... Learn More
  38. Koriander
    Stock 26
    One of the most useful herbs to grow in your home or garden. All parts of the Coriander plant are edible, the fresh leaves have a citrus flavour... Learn More
  39. Popcorn Zaad (Pofmaïs)
    Corn Popcorn Plomik
    Only 8 left
    Delicious, healthy popcorn straight from your garden. Corn Popcorn Plomik is a butterfly-type popcorn and is the perfect variety to make tasty... Learn More
  40. Korenbloem  Blue Ball
    Cornflower Blue Ball
    Only 10 left
    A member of the Aster family Cornflowers are one of the most striking wildflowers, their intense blue flowers attract bees and butterflies into the... Learn More
  41. Cosmos bipinata Sensation
    Cosmos Sensation
    Stock 86
    Cosmos Sensation really is sensational, it produces very large blooms on dainty fern-like foliage in July. They grow quite tall so they are best... Learn More
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Items 1-48 of 196

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