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Bonsai fertilizer

All fertilizer items needed to maintain your bonsai. Take good care of your bonsai tree and use bonsai fertilizer.

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Regular feeding during the growing season is crucial for your Bonsai to thrive

Our bonsai fertilizer offers a perfect balance of essential nutrients & trace elements to keep your bonsai looking healthy.

Bonsai Fertilizer for a perfect balance!

To encourage your Bonsai to flower it will need a fertilizer with a high Potassium (K) content and for older trees require with a slightly lower Nitrogen (N) content or reduce the quantity of fertilizer applied.

Nitrogen (N) is primarily used by plants for leaf growth, Phosphorous in the form of phosphates (P2O5) is primarily used by plants for root-growth, Potassium in the form of Potash (K20) for flower and fruit production.

How to feed your Bonsai tree

For a Bonsai tree to grow strongly, the Soil must have its nutritional content repeatedly replenished. The most serious loss concerns 3 elements; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. To supply your bonsai with a continual supply of essential plant nutrients it is necessary to regularly apply bonsai fertilizer during the active growing season. Fertilizers should be applied every Other week to the bonsai or as indicated on the packaging. Always follow the instructions described on the fertilizer packaging. Trees that are dormant, young or sick should not be fed:

The reason for only feeding  bonsais in the active growing season is because the fertilizer/salts build up in the compost. Don't feed trees that are not growing too well either, feeding a sick tree is unlikely to encourage it to grow and is likely to do more harm than good. Newly repotted trees should not be fed for at least six weeks to avoid burning New roots. It is always better to underfeed than to overfeed. Always fertilze on moist Soil.  When purchasing a fertilizer, look for the NPK rating on the packaging. The first Figure refers to the percentage of Nitrogen (N), the second to the percentage of phosphates (P2O5) and the third to the percentage of potash (K20). When purchasing fertilizer for bonsai, ensure that all three elements are balanced and are listed as being equal (for instance 10:10:10). See also our soluble fertiliser

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