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  1. Lavendel Munstead x 5
    Lavender angustifolia Munstead 7cm Pot x 5
    Stock 100+
    Lavender Munstead is one of the most useful plants you can grow in your garden; the pretty violet flower spikes can be dried to make aromatic... Learn More
  2. De Bloeiende Heester Tuin
    Flowering Shrubs Hedge
    Special Price £9.50 Regular Price £18.95
    Stock 100+
    What a marvellous idea, a combination of flowering shrubs planted in a row to create a colourful hedge and a shelter for birds and insects. Learn More
  3. Spiraea Arguta Haagplanten x 5
    Spirea arguta Hedge x 5
    Stock 100+
    Also known as 'Bridal Wreath' because of the way the dainty white flowers smother it's arching branches in late spring. Learn More
  4. Taxus Baccata Haagplanten x 5
    Taxus baccata English Yew hedge x 5
    Stock 15
    Taxus baccata also known as the English Yew is a dense dark green evergreen suitable for growing as a hedge. Rate of growth is 20-30cm per year so... Learn More
  5. Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Haag x 5
    Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Hedge x 5
    Special Price £17.45 Regular Price £24.95
    Out of stock
    In autumn it has decorative red berries. Is suited for hedging, however, it thrives when planted in a sheltered position, or are planted Learn More
  6. Californische Cipres Lawsoniana x 10
    Lawsons Cypress Hedge x 10
    Out of stock
    Lawson's Cypress is one of the fastest growing hedges available, the beautiful blue-green evergreen foliage provides privacy and shelter year round. Learn More
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Choose the Hedge that suits your needs 

Think carefully whether you would prefer an evergreen hedge to act as an all year-round backdrop, a deciduous hedge which provides spectacular autumn colours, or just an ornamental flowering or fruiting hedge. Most hedging plants are suitable for a range of climates and are very adaptable to different conditions.

Slow growing hedges such as Berberis take longer to achieve a desired size and shape but mostly result in a hedge with a more compact and consistent shape that requires less maintenance.

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