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Autumn coloured shrubs

These shrubs are known for their beautiful autumn colours, enjoy a completely different color in your garden just before winter sets in.

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  1. Berberis media Red Jewel (Zuurbes)
    Berberis x media Red Jewel
    Stock 40
    Berberis x media Red Jewel is a compact shrub with glossy attractive shiny leaves. Its prized for its spectacular semi evergreen foliage, reddish... Learn More
  2. Berberis thunbergii Pink Queen (Zuurbes)
    Berberis thunbergii Pink Queen
    Stock 41
    Berberis thunbergii Pink Queen is a compact upright growing barbarry with deep purple - red variegated foliage. The growing height is up to 150 cm... Learn More
  3. Berberis thunbergii Rose Glow Zuurbes
    Berberis thunbergii Rose Glow
    Stock 44
    Berberis thunbergii 'Rose Glow' makes a statement with its brown reddish pink mottled foliage. The shrub blooms with yellow flowers during spring,... Learn More
  4. Aronia Prunifolia Viking 17 cm pot
    Aronia prunifolia Viking
    Stock 72
    Aronia x prunifolia Viking is a beautiful upright deciduous spring flowering shrub with fantastic autumn colour. The dark green leaves turn dark... Learn More
  5. Acer palmatum Seiryu (Esdoorn)
    Acer palmatum Seiryu
    Stock 75
    Acer palmatum Seiryu is a dissected cultivar that has an upright form that’s mostly vase-shaped when young. Learn More
  6. Stamboom Cotinus Royal Purple
    Standard Cotinus Royal Purple
    Only 5 left
    Also known as the "Smoke tree", because it flowers in July and August with pinkish-purple smoke-like plumes. Position this tree where the sun can shin Learn More
  7. June Berry Amelanchier lamarckii
    June Berry Amelanchier lamarckii
    Out of stock
    Also known as Juneberry or Serviceberry, this fantastic deciduous shrub puts on an outstanding show for most of the year, starry white flowers... Learn More
  8. Berberis thunbergii Darts Red Lady
    Berberis thunbergii Dart's Red Lady
    Out of stock
    Berberis thunbergii Dart's Red Lady is a lovely dwarf barbarry with deep purple red foliage truning brilliant orange-red in autumn. The shrubs... Learn More
  9. Acer palmatum Katsura 15 cm pot
    Acer palmatum Katsura 15 cm pot
    Out of stock
    Acer palmatum ‘Katsura' is a dense, compact, upright deciduous Japanese maple noted for its ever changing foliage. Featuring superb... Learn More
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Create different moods and styles in gardens

Autumn invokes soft and glowing and indulgent moods, warm colours inspire a sense of well-being in the soft, warm light fall settings.

Autumn leaf colour can be quite spectacular in a garden, choose you favourite from our many autumn coloured shrubs.

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