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  1. Kaskomkommerzaad Confida F1
    Greenhouse Cucumber Confida F1
    Special Price £5.55 Regular Price £7.95
    Stock 40
    Cucumber 'Confida' F1 hybrid is a vigorous climbing plant, suitable for growing in a greenhouse. Learn More
  2. Wildflowers mix
    Wildflowers mix
    Special Price £4.85 Regular Price £6.95
    Stock 64
    Bring character and life to your garden with this low maintenance Wildflower mix. It’s designed to brighten up dull areas and create glorious... Learn More
  3. Viool Bergwacht
    Viola Seed Bergwacht
    Special Price £3.15 Regular Price £4.50
    Stock 58
    When most plants have had their season and your garden looks barren, these old favourites are a great choice for brightening up those dull winter days. Suitable for planting in baskets, containers and complimenting other spring flowering bu Learn More
  4. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad Tetraploïde
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon Tetraploide
    Special Price £2.75 Regular Price £3.95
    Stock 43
    Snapdragon Tetraploide is an old classic cottage-garden favourites. They attract plenty of bees and butterflies to your garden and produce masses... Learn More
  5. Zonnebloemzaad Stella
    Sunflower Stella
    Special Price £2.75 Regular Price £3.95
    Stock 49
    Bring the sunshine indoors by cutting them and placing them in a vase, decorative as an annual hedge... Learn More
  6. Muurbloem Tom Thumb
    Wallflower Tom Thumb
    Special Price £2.60 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 44
    Wallflowers are sweetly scented and attract many butterflies adding their own magnificent colour to your garden. Tom Thumb grows well in beds, rock... Learn More
  7. Lage afrikaan Harmony Boy
    French Marigold Harmony Boy
    Special Price £2.60 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 46
    French Marigolds produce busy and compact multicoloured blooms in shades of yellows and oranges. Their scent is strong and Learn More
  8. Aster enkelbloemig
    Aster single flowering
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 45
    Also known as the Chinese Aster. Produces brilliantly coloured single flowering blooms abundantly during summer into autumn. Removing the faded... Learn More
  9. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad Tom Thumb
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon Tom Thumb
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 51
    Dwarf snapdragons Tom Thumb are very suitable for planting pots and window boxes. They produce masses of fragrant, multicolored flowers throughout... Learn More
  10. Hoge Afrikanenzaad Hawaii
    African Marigold Hawaii seed bag
    Special Price £2.45 Regular Price £3.50
    Stock 42
    This attractive and low maintenance annual blooms profousely on extra tall stems with large, deep orange blooms throughout summer and into autumn.... Learn More
  11. Ui Noordhollandse Bloedrode
    Onion Improved Brunswick
    Special Price £2.05 Regular Price £2.95
    Stock 58
    Allium cepa Brunswick is a new improved excellant medium large flat variety. Its flavour is mild and it has a deep red coloured skin with white... Learn More
  12. Tomatenzaad Rode Ronde
    Tomato St. Peter
    Special Price £2.05 Regular Price £2.95
    Stock 46
    Tomato St. Peter is full of flavour and ideal for cooking, in sandwiches and salads. Tomatoes love the warmth so they are suitable if you have a... Learn More
  13. Bieten- of Krotenzaad Cylindra
    Beetroot Cylindra
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.75
    Stock 61
    As its name suggests is a cylindrical beetroot with dark purple-red flesh that holds its sweet flavour all season long ... Learn More
  14. Zucchini Zaad Black Beauty Courgette
    Courgette Black Beauty
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.75
    Stock 57
    Courgette Black Beauty also known as Zucchini are very easy to grow, it quickly produces delicious dark fruits, almost black in colour. Zucchini is... Learn More
  15. Artisjokken
    Artichoke Seed
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £2.50
    Stock 46
    Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) contains significant levels of vitamin C. fibre and folic acid. Its meaty, tender leaves and the bottom part of the... Learn More
  16. Zaai Sjalot Creation
    Shallot Seed F1
    Special Price £3.20 Regular Price £3.95
    Stock 14
    Add a gourmet depth of flavour to your cuisine with this gorgeous sweet, mild, tasty shallot. They are extremely versatile in the kitchen and are a... Learn More
  17. Kropsla Hilde
    Lettuce Hilde II
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £2.50
    Stock 41
    Lettuce Hilde II is a tasty early variety, which can be grown outdoors all summer long or under glass for a winter and spring crop. Produces large... Learn More
  18. Augurk Kleine groene scherpe
    Gherkin Parisian pickling
    Stock 20
    This popular heirloom variety produces delicious gerkins ideal for eating fresh in salads or making sweet pickle. Sow from mid April until mid May in Learn More
  19. Pastinaken Zaad
    Stock 35
    This sweetly flavoured root vegetable is easy to grow, nutritious and versatile. They taste like a combination of celery and parsley. Parsnips are... Learn More
  20. Spinazie Zaad Breedblad Scherp
    Spinach Prickley Seeded 100 Gr
    Stock 18
    Spinach prickley seeded produces tasty glossy dark green leaves which are more pointed and arrow-shaped than the common type. The young tender... Learn More
  21. Bindsla Zaad Blanke Zelfsluitende
    Lettuce Paris White
    Stock 34
    A fantastic Romaine lettuce Paris White that produces crispy, sweet full flavoured leaves. This variety is a favourite for caesar salads. Lettuce... Learn More
  22. Preizaad Hiverbleu
    Leek Hiverbleu
    Stock 20
    Leek Hiverbleu are vigorous, easy to grow and low maintanence. A perfect vegetable for a beginner grower. The long white thick stems mature quickly... Learn More
  23. Snijbiet- of Warmoeszaad Gele Witribbige
    Swiss Chard Lyon
    Stock 22
    Swiss Chard 'Lyon' has delicate, succulent tender leaves are mild and sweet, and make a great substitute to spinach and other recipes. Learn More
  24. Snijselderie Zaad Amsterdams Donkergroen
    Celery Amsterdamse
    Stock 28
    Celery Amsterdamse is full of flavour, its one of the best varieties around and widely used in cooking or eating fresh in salads! For a good... Learn More
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