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  1. Oxalis Adenophiylla Klaverzuring x 10
    Oxalis adenophylla x 10
    Stock 38
    Oxalis adenophylla also known, as Silver Shamrock is one of the most popular prettiest spring flowering ground covering plants. They bloom with... Learn More
  2. Oxalis Trinagularis Regnelli x 10
    Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis x 10
    Stock 33
    This False Shamrock or Wood Sorrel is a rare plant for indoor and outdoor planting. Oxalis triangularis blooms with dainty soft pink flowers and... Learn More
  3. Oxalis Deppei Iron Cross Geluksklavertje x 20
    Luck Clover Oxalis Iron Cross x 20
    Stock 100+
    The Good Luck Plant or Oxalis Iron Cross produces four-leaf clover foliage and smashing pink flowers during summer. It’s not just the good... Learn More
  4. Gelukskruiwagentje met Oxalis Iron Cross
    Oxalis Iron Cross x 5 + Wheelbarrow Whit
    Out of stock
    Unique little wheelbarrow set (wheelbarrow length 29.5 cm) complete with compost and 5 lucky clover bulbs . Learn More
  5. Oxalis met Hartvormige Pot
    Lucky Clover Oxalis + Heart
    Out of stock
    Give a little love to someone special with this lovely heart shaped planter complete with 5 bulbs and compost.These hardy perennials, known as... Learn More
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5 Items

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Also known as the four leaf clover

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