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  1. Cercis siliquastrum (Judasboom)
    Cercis siliquastrum
    Stock 70
    Commonly known as ‘Judas tree’, this deciduous tree is prized for it’s pretty, pinkish-purple flowers displayed on bare branches in spring. The...... Learn More
  2. Ginkgo biloba Japanse Notenboom
    Ginkgo biloba
    Special Price £8.95 Regular Price £9.95
    Stock 68
    Gingko biloba was thought be extinct, until they found them tucked away somewhere in remote parts of China. Great tree with uniquely shaped... Learn More
  3. June Berry Amelanchier lamarckii
    June Berry Amelanchier lamarckii
    Out of stock
    Also known as Juneberry or Serviceberry, this fantastic deciduous shrub puts on an outstanding show for most of the year, starry white flowers... Learn More
  4. Goud Iep Ulmus wredei
    Ulmus Wredii Golden Elm
    Out of stock
    A great tree for the larger and smaller garden, where it can function as an attractive backdrop, enhancing the whole garden with its golden green... Learn More
  5. Laburnum anagyroides (Goudenregen)
    Laburnum anagyroides
    Out of stock
    Also known as Golden rain, this ornamental deciduous tree produces sweetly scented, golden yellow flowers on 25cm long cascading clusters in May. Learn More
  6. Tsuga canadensis (Hemlockspar)
    Tsuga canadensis
    Stock 37
    Tsuga canadensis also known, as Eastern Hemlock or Canadian hemlock is a medium-growing long-lived conifer A great specimen for a standing alone in... Learn More
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Trees are a constantly changing feature in the garden

They change with the seasons and over the years they will change size and shape so it's important to find exactly the right tree to suit your garden.

We stock a wide range of trees for almost every garden situation choose from our wide range of Conifers, ornamental or fruit trees.

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