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  1. Dcm Activo Plus Graszaad 0.6 Kg 15 M²
    DCM Grass seed Activo Plus 0.6 kg 30 m²
    Only 9 left
    This is the best grass seed for sowing or planting a lawn. Thanks to its unique composition and high-quality, this mixture does well even at lower... Learn More
  2. DCM Activo Plus Graszaad 15 m²
    DCM Grass seed Activo Plus 10 m²
    Stock 11
    This is the best grass seed for sowing or planting a lawn. Thanks to its unique composition and high-quality, this mixture does well even at lower... Learn More
  3. Dcm Riparo Plus Graszaad 0.26 Kg 20 M²
    DCM Riparo Plus 0.225 kg 15 m²
    Stock 19
    DCM Riparo® Plus is the best grass seed for a quick recovery and restoration of your lawn or bald spots. It is composed of grass seeds that... Learn More
  4. Dcm Ombra Plus Graszaad 0.6 Kg 40 M²
    DCM Ombra Plus Grass Seed 0.6 kg 30 m²
    Stock 13
    DCM Ombra® Plus is the best grass seed for shady places with little maintenance or extra mowings. This grass seed blend is formulated so... Learn More
  5. Dcm Ombra Plus Graszaad 0.225 Kg 15 M²
    DCM Ombra Plus Grass Seed 0.2 kg 10 m²
    Only 9 left
    DCM Ombra® Plus is the best grass seed for shady places with little maintenance or extra mowings. This grass seed blend is formulated so that... Learn More
  6. Lage afrikaan Granada
    French Marigold Granada
    Stock 18
    Not only very pretty these French Marigolds make a great companion to have planted along side your vegetable crops, their distinctive frangrance... Learn More
  7. Goudsbloem Pacific beauty
    Marigold Pacific Beauty
    Stock 36
    Beautiful bright orange flowers on tall strong stems that resemble Chrysanthemums blooms. These pot Marigolds Learn More
  8. Aster laag gemengd
    Aster dwarf mixed
    Stock 32
    This Chinese Aster is a quite low growing annual, producing brilliantly coloured double blooms abundantly during summer into autumn. Removing the... Learn More
  9. Fijnstraal aster Unicum
    Aster Unicum
    Stock 40
    This Chinese Aster is a wonderful addition to your garden, it produces long lasting multicoloured spider-like blooms prolifically late summer when... Learn More
  10. Korenbloem  Blue Ball
    Cornflower Blue Ball
    Stock 12
    A member of the Aster family Cornflowers are one of the most striking wildflowers, their intense blue flowers attract bees and butterflies into the... Learn More
  11. Cosmos bipinata Sensation
    Cosmos Sensation
    Stock 86
    Cosmos Sensation really is sensational, it produces very large blooms on dainty fern-like foliage in July. They grow quite tall so they are best... Learn More
  12. Zonnebloem Avondzon
    Sunflower Evening Sun
    Stock 46
    Helianthus Evening Sun is a real showstopper, it blooms on tall stems with multiple, large flowers in evening sun shades of reddish bronze, orange... Learn More
  13. Reuze Zonnebloem
    Sunflower single giant
    Stock 51
    These bright and cheerful sunflowers with their gorgeous golden heads will lift the spirits of everyone who sees them growing in your garden. You... Learn More
  14. Tulppapaver
    Tulip Poppy papaver glaucum
    Stock 33
    Enhance your garden with these tulip-like Poppies, blooming prolifically throughout the summer they are a must in every border. They produce huge... Learn More
  15. Petunia Laag Gemengd  Zaad
    Petunia dwarf mixed
    Only 4 left
    Petunias are one of the most favourable bedding flowers that bloom throughout the summer with trumpet shapes flowers. When faded flowers are... Learn More
  16. Oost Indische Kers Tom Thumb
    Nasturtium Tom Thumb
    Stock 49
    This hardy annual is very easy to grow, producing masses of brightly coloured blooms from summer until first frosts. Learn More
  17. Nigella Juffertje in t groen
    Love in a mist
    Stock 21
    Love in a mist makes an excellant cutflower, the flowers bloom in May and June in fantastic shades of blue, white and pink on finely cut foliage,... Learn More
  18. Dianthus barbatus Duizendschoon
    Dianthus Sweet William Wee Willie
    Only 9 left
    This dwarf compact variety Sweet William is suitable for rockeries, window boxes etc. Very sweetly scented attracting many nectar loving birds and... Learn More
  19. Lage afrikaan Harmony Boy
    French Marigold Harmony Boy
    Special Price £2.60 Regular Price £3.75
    Stock 46
    French Marigolds produce busy and compact multicoloured blooms in shades of yellows and oranges. Their scent is strong and Learn More
  20. Pronkerwt Colorama
    Sweet Peas Colorama
    Stock 32
    Sweet Peas produce an array of delicate, colourful and sweet scented flowers all season long, they are great climbers perfect for growing up a... Learn More
  21. Ageratumzaad Blue Mink
    Ageratum Floss Flower Blue Mink
    Stock 41
    Popular and excellent edging and bedding plant. It produces clusters of pale blue flowerheads that bloom from midsummer until ... Learn More
  22. Leeuwenbekjes Zaad
    Anthirrhinum Snapdragon
    Stock 19
    Anthirrhinum also known as Snapdragon flowers are old classic cottage-garden favourites. They attract plenty of bees and butterflies to your garden... Learn More
  23. Lage Afrikanenzaad Bonita
    French Marigold Bonita seed bag
    Stock 22
    If you’re looking for a colourful punch of colour this summer, look no further. This variety ‘Bonita’ of the French marigolds... Learn More
  24. Moluccella laevis Klokken van Ierland
    Bells of Ireland - moluccella laevis
    Stock 34
    Bells of Ireland (or Moluccella Laevis) is a unique summer flowering annual. It’s a member of the mint family and is fast growing. It... Learn More
  25. Zinnia Zaad Chrysantbloemig
    Zinnia chrysanthemum
    Stock 16
    Zinnia chrysanthemum are very sturdy and easy to grow annuals; they provide us an abundance of double and semi-double flowers in bright summer... Learn More
  26. Slaapmutsjes Zaad Enkelbloemig
    Californian Poppy Single
    Stock 28
    These Californian single flowering poppies create spectacular displays, producing an abundance of blooms in shades of red and pinks all summer... Learn More
  27. Basilicum grootbladig
    Sweet Basil large leaved
    Stock 23
    Plant mid May until July in beds in the open ground and transplant them after 4 weeks; or plant them directly in pots and thin out slightly. The... Learn More
  28. Kamille
    Camomille Mayweed
    Stock 39
    Camomille Mayweed is a very useful herb, it can be used as an infusion against insomnia and stomach disorders. Start the seed off in a cold frame or... Learn More
  29. Rozemarijn
    Rosemary officinalis
    Stock 37
    Rosemary helps to increase circulation and to clear respiratory congestion, including sinuses and asthma. March-April in a propagator or April-June... Learn More
  30. Augurk Kleine groene scherpe
    Gherkin Parisian pickling
    Stock 20
    This popular heirloom variety produces delicious gerkins ideal for eating fresh in salads or making sweet pickle. Sow from mid April until mid May in Learn More
  31. Krulsla Lollo Rosa
    Lettuce Lollo Rosa
    Stock 18
    This attractive variety produces frilly and crispy leaves for more than 3 months if you pick your leaves from the outside. The dark red colour of... Learn More
  32. Komkommer Chinese Slangen
    Cucumber Chinese snake
    Stock 28
    This variety produces high yields of large juicy cucumbers, ideal for in salads. Start them off indoors and transplant seedlings to a sheltered sunny... Learn More
  33. Broccoli Calabria
    Broccoli Calabria
    Only 9 left
    Calabria is a compact growing variety. Broccoli a member of the cabbage family is an excellant source of vitamines, potassium, iron, fibre and Learn More
  34. Pompoen rode van Etampes
    Pumpkin red Etampes
    Stock 27
    Red Etampes is a highly productive variety, not only full of flavour they are also highly decorative known as the Cinderella pumpkin due to their... Learn More
  35. Spinazie Spinnaker
    Spinach Spinnaker
    Only 3 left
    Spinach is richer in nutrients than any other food, it can be eaten raw or cooked. Spinnaker produces heavy yields from early spring to September... Learn More
  36. Stengelui Ishikura
    Stock 14
    Ishikura variety is quick to mature and quite hardy. It forms long white stalks without bulbs that resembles leeks, as most of the plant can be... Learn More
  37. Ui Noordhollandse Bloedrode
    Onion Improved Brunswick
    Special Price £2.05 Regular Price £2.95
    Stock 58
    Allium cepa Brunswick is a new improved excellant medium large flat variety. Its flavour is mild and it has a deep red coloured skin with white... Learn More
  38. Zucchini Diamond
    Courgette Diamond
    Stock 34
    This early variety is easy to grow and very productive. Start them off indoors, prick out once by transferring partially developed seedlings to... Learn More
  39. Artisjokken
    Artichoke Seed
    Special Price £1.75 Regular Price £2.50
    Stock 46
    Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) contains significant levels of vitamin C. fibre and folic acid. Its meaty, tender leaves and the bottom part of the... Learn More
  40. Spaanse Peper (Cayenna)
    Pepper cayenne long slim
    Stock 37
    Long Slim Red Cayenne is one of the best-known hot chilli peppers around, producing lots of green fruit that ripens to a scarlet red colour in... Learn More
  41. Lage Slabonen Delinel (100 gram)
    Dwarf Beans Delinel
    Stock 32
    Delinel is known for its heaving yielding and full flavour of fench or dwarf Beans. Also suitable for freezing! Has good resistance to Bean Mosaic... Learn More
  42. Boerenkool Zaad Middelhoge Fijne Krul
    Curly Kale half-tall
    Only 2 left
    Curly Kale – half tall is a hardy very early variety with dwarf habit. Its quick growing and very prolific. Its dark green leaves are very... Learn More
  43. Andijvie Zaad Fijne Krul Geel
    Endive Yellow Curled
    Stock 31
    Endive its a member of the chicory family, and is rich in vitamins, high in fibre and a good source of beta-carotene and potassium. ... Learn More
  44. Bieten- of Krotenzaad Cylindra
    Beetroot Cylindra
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.75
    Stock 61
    As its name suggests is a cylindrical beetroot with dark purple-red flesh that holds its sweet flavour all season long ... Learn More
  45. Rammenas Zaad Lange Zwarte
    Black Winter Radish Long
    Only 2 left
    Winter radishes may require a longer growing period but are far superior to spring varieties. They store better, and their flavoured white... Learn More
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