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Tricyrtis - Toad Lilies

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The Botanical Tricyrtis also named Toad Liliy

Originating from eastern Asia where they can be seen growing in the wild at the edge of forests. Tricyrtis flowers are beautiful and exotic looking like orchids.

We supply you with healthy Tricyrtis rootstock for planting in a semi-shady location in the border or in large pots on the patio.

Tricyrtis Formosana has white star-shaped flowers heavily spotted with purplish pink. This variety sells out quickly, so order yours now while stocks last.

This beautiful exotic looking Tricyrtis hirta Kohaku produces clusters of creamy white bell-shaped flowers heavily speckled with purple on dark green foliage.

Tricyrtis lasiocarpa produces clusters of arching white flowers with violet-blue tips spotted with purple on green spotted foliage.

Tricyrtis latifolia 'Hototogisu' produces clusters of purple-pink flowers with purple spots on spotted foliage.

Caring for Tricyrtis formosana

Tricyrtis formosana, also named Toad Lilies are little known gems for any garden. They like an acid peaty Soil, best with a winter top dressing of leaf mulch to protect them against too much frost.

Plant them at an depth of approx 12cm (5") and give them a top dressing of organic fertiliser. They grow up to 60 - 90cm (24-35") and bloom mid to late summer. They have stunning star shaped flowers which make great cut flowers. It's a collectors plant with great qualities for the peaty semi shady woodland garden.

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