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  1. Acer palmatum Seiryu (Esdoorn)
    Acer palmatum Seiryu
    Stock 76
    Acer palmatum Seiryu is a dissected cultivar that has an upright form that’s mostly vase-shaped when young. Learn More
  2. Acer disectum Garnet
    Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet
    Out of stock
    One of the nicest red leaved acers with disected foliage. Brilliant vibrant red laced foliage sprouts in early spring turning to crimson red in... Learn More
  3. Acer disectum Osakazuki
    Acer Palmatum Osakazuki
    Out of stock
    Acer palmatum Osakazuki is a real garden gem. During spring and summer the seven loped foliage sprouts with bright green decorative foliage. During... Learn More
  4. Acer campestre Haag (Spaanse Aak) x 10
    Acer campestre Field or Hedge Maple x 10
    Out of stock
    Acer campestre also known as field or hedge Maple is an easy to maintain very strong and durable hedge, suitable for growing in coastal and exposed... Learn More
  5. Acer palmatum Butterfly  9 cm pot
    Acer palmatum Butterfly 9 cm pot
    Out of stock
    Acer palmatum butterfly is a small variegated Japanese maple with white-variegated leaves and a beautiful pink leaf margin. It is a small,... Learn More
  6. Acer palmatum Katsura 15 cm pot
    Acer palmatum Katsura 15 cm pot
    Out of stock
    Acer palmatum ‘Katsura' is a dense, compact, upright deciduous Japanese maple noted for its ever changing foliage. Featuring superb... Learn More
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Acer Trees are known for their stunning ornamental foliage

Acers make ideal specimen trees for freestanding locations or large patio planters. Acer or Japanese Maples are striking ornamental trees prized for their beautiful foliage and elegant habit. Acers are perfect trees for growing in small gardens or large containers.

The colour of the delicate looking Acer foliage ranges from variegated to deep almost black purple. Acers grow best in partial shade and in well-drained slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter.

Our nursery stocks a wide range of Japanese Acers.

Maples are known for their beautiful foliage

They are graceful trees that fit well in smaller and larger gardens and pots, depending on the type. The leaves have a beautiful shape and can vary from green to burgundy red and purple and everything in between. We have a nice assortment of beautiful maples for your garden, these are also known under the name Acer

Using Maples in the Garden

There are maples for a stately border, upright growing usually with deep red leaves (Acer atropurpurea and palmatum types) and there are dwarf types with overhanging growth and incised leaves, the disectum types. These are often placed at the edge of a pond , this gives a very nice effect. As a solitary tree, for example, the Acer Crimson Sentry is very special, with beautiful leaves and good shape.

How to prune your Maple - Acer

Maples - Acers are easy to prune, but stick to the following rules; Preferably prune in December, if a lot of correction is required, light pruning in July to update the new growth shoots

Acer disectum Burgundy lace and Garnet can very well be pruned into shape, for example in an overhanging shape near a pond. Do the rough pruning in December and the fine pruning in July.

How to fertilize your Maple - Acer

Fertilize these trees and shrubs with organic fertilizer, first fertilize in February and then in May and July. For a beautiful leaf color it is recommended that you give a dose of magnesium around the trunk in March.

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