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Cornus - Dogwood

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  1. Cornus florida Bartons Wit (Kornoelje)
    Cornus florida
    Special Price £11.85 Regular Price £16.95
    Stock 67
    The white flowering Dogwood is an extremely attractive shrub grown for its showy display of flowers in late spring and early summer. Learn More
  2. Cornus alba Sibirica Variegata Kornoelje
    Cornus alba Sibirica Variegata
    Stock 100+
    Originally found in Siberia this Dogwood is commonly grown for its fiery red branches, which will enhance your winter garden from november until mid Learn More
  3. Cornus Canadensis (Kornoelje)
    Cornus canadensis
    Special Price £6.65 Regular Price £9.50
    Stock 51
    Dogwood Bunchberry, is a lovely ground covering shrubby plant with unique shaped pure white flowers Learn More
  4. Cornus kousa (Kornoelje)
    Cornus Kousa
    Stock 49
    Cornus kousa is a slow growing, deciduous shrub. The mature shrub has a layered structure with hundreds if not thousands of pretty brilliant white... Learn More
  5. Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire
    Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire
    Stock 59
    Common Dogwood Midwinter Fire is a lovely shrub with brilliant red, golden and orange colouring branches during all of winter. Learn More
  6. Cornus alba Elegantissima Kornoelje
    Cornus Alba Elegantissima
    Stock 60
    'Elegantissima' is an attractive bushy deciduous shrub, with deep red stems and grey-green, white-margined leaves. Flowers are small, creamy-white... Learn More
  7. Cornus Cerisea Kelseyi Kornoelje
    Cornus sericea Kelseyi
    Stock 39
    Cornus sericea Kelseyi is a compact, hardy shrub grown for their outstanding winter stem colour. Small clusters of creamy white flowers are borne... Learn More
  8. Cornus amomum Blue Cloud 9 cm pot
    Cornus amomum Blue Cloud 9 cm pot
    Stock 33
    Cornus amomum Blue Clous is a large, spreading deciduous shrub with purple-red stems and dark green leaves which turn orange, red or purple in... Learn More
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Fabulous red-barked dogwood Cornus available online now!

They will grow in any soil conditions and are able to thrive in damp conditions where other shrubs might not. All Cornus species will tolerate full sun or partial shade, but for the shrubby varieties the winter stem colour is more prominent when grown in full sun. The creeping dogwood, Cornus canadensis, needs moist, acid soil conditions to thrive.

During the first 2-5 years after planting, when the shrubs are establishing themselves in your garden you need to water thoroughly especially during dry spells. Shrubby Cornus should be pruned back hard every 1-3 years in early spring and flowering cornus requires little pruning beyond the removal of lower branches as the tree matures if you wish to create a clear trunk. This is best done while the tree is dormant between autumn and early spring.

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