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Shrubs remain above the ground all year round. Our ornamental shrubs bring color and structure and make your garden beautiful. Choose from evergreen shrubs to our butterfly attracting shrubs. Choose the shrub that suits you and plant! Success is always assured with our 100% bloom and growth guarantee.

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The shrubs form the backbone of a garden, they add texture of contrast and interest all year round

Our shrubs are not expensive and will provide you with an easy way to beautify the lanes and areas around your home. We have in stock a wide range of shrubs and bushes of high quality for sale online.

There are so many varieties to choose from, we have them in different shapes and sizes, some are deciduous, others are evergreen and provide color even in autumn. The others produce flowers when others produce berries. The shrubs provide food and shelter especially appreciated for the birds and many friendly animals of the garden.

Decorate your garden with shrubs

You can decorate the 4 seasons by combining shrubs that bloom in spring, others in summer, still others with beautiful autumn foliage, not to mention the shrubs winter interest. Evergreen shrubs keep their leaves even in winter and prevent the garden from being bare during the cold season. So bet on conifers and their different ports to create beautiful winter scenes. Smaller than trees, shrubs are grown in pots to decorate terraces and balconies. Just make sure the container is deep enough for root development.

Winter lasting

Just as most garden plants die off in the autumn and spend underground in the winter, shrubs remain above ground in winter. When purchasing it is important to know which properties the shrub has. Some can be quite high and the properties are listed everywhere. This way you will not find out after years that the bush will become too big at a certain spot in your garden.


Most shrubs bloom, but there are also a number that with their leaf colors form a striking appearance in your garden. The range contains a varied selection. Ornamental shrubs, for example, are a large group of garden plants with flowering times that vary throughout the year. Fruit shrubs provide fresh fruit and hydrangeas for a nice looking garden.

Our shrubs come with complete and detailed planting instructions.

Buy all your shrubs online at Gardens4You

You can buy shrubs quickly and easily at gardens4you, your online garden center. Pay your shrubs easily and not good money back. We have a large range of shrubs in our online garden center to choose from.

On all our shrubs and bushes you get standard grow guarantee, if you are not satisfied you get new plants or your money back. So you can order with peace of mind. We have the best quality bushes.

Also take a look at our other bushes. Such as the very popular rhododendron, butterfly bush budleja and hibiscus.

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