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Picking delicious berries from our own garden, we have the most beautiful organically grown berry bushes such as redcurrants, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries for your garden. Eat them delicious out of hand, put berries through the yogurt or make a 100% natural fresh jam. Plant a number of different shrubs in the garden, so you can enjoy the freshest berries from June to October. Whichever berry you buy, all berries are tasty and healthy for your body and come with a growth guarantee!

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Our berry shrubs are 100% guaranteed to grow

We have been successfully growing and selling many different varieties of Berries and Currants for many years now. All of our Berries and Currant fruit plants and shrubs are inspected regularly at our nursery and prior to lifting. The Berry and Currant fruit plants and shrubs that we ship are 100% quality guaranteed. We offer you the Berry and Currant fruit plant best varieties at the most affordable prices.

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