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  1. Panicum Virgatum Rehbraun
    Panicum virgatum Rehbraun
    Stock 24
    Panicum virgatum Rehbraun is a deciduous ornamental Switch grass renowned for its striking autumn colour. Its upright mid-green foliage turns a... Learn More
  2. Panicum Virgatum Rotstrahlbusch
    Panicum virgatum Rotstrahlbusch
    Stock 44
    Panicum Rotstrahlbusch is the red switch grass, producing silver-green leaves which take on reddish tones in mid-summer as it gradually changes to... Learn More
  3. Panicum Virgatum Shenandoah
    Panicum virgatum Shenandoah
    Special Price £4.60 Regular Price £5.25
    Stock 31
    Panicum virgatum Shenandoah begins in spring with steely blue-green, strap-like leaves that turn red at the tips by summer gradually turning a... Learn More
  4. Panicum Virgatum Squaw
    Panicum virgatum Squaw
    Stock 35
    Panicum virgatum Squaw is an ever-changing switch grass, in early summer it has fresh, medium green foliage and pink spikes from midsummer but... Learn More
  5. Panicum Virgatum
    Panicum virgatum
    Out of stock
    Panicum virgatum is renowned for its distinctive narrow vertical habit, showy flowers and striking autumn colour. A low maintenance grass suitable... Learn More
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Also known as Switch grass in spring foliage colour ranges from deep green to steely blue

Panicum grass plants are non-invasive, tough and functional. They are drought and salt tolerant plants due to its deep, fibrous root systems. These low maintenance warm-season grasses will also help provide food and cover for wildlife.

Panicum is used effectively alone or in clumps. Most effective as a specimen, rock gardens in masses or as an accent in the perennial borders. Taller varieties make beautiful screens and backgrounds. Panicum prefers full sun, moist, fertile soil and need no fertilizer

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