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Allium flowerbulbs give distinctive flowers, usually in purple and white.  The large varieties such as gladiator  can grow flowers up to 25cm in diameter on 1 meter tall stems!

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  1. Allium Shing x 10
    Allium Shing x 10
    Special Price £3.30 Regular Price £4.75
    Stock 100+
    A majestic plant for your late spring garden! This sun loving, drought tolerant variety produces lilac-purple coloured flowers up to 15cm in... Learn More
  2. Allium Caeruleum Azureum Blue Drumstick x 20
    Allium caeruleum Azureum Blue Drumstick x 20
    Special Price £3.40 Regular Price £4.95
    Stock 100+
    A highly ornamental member of the onion family with cornflower blue spherical flower heads which resemble like lollipops and are borne in early... Learn More
  3. Reuze Allium Gladiator x 5
    Allium Gladiator x 5
    Special Price £12.40 Regular Price £13.95
    Stock 100+
    Plant these Alliums in groups of three or more bulbs for best affect and add architectural dimension to your garden, blooms for approx 3 weeks in... Learn More
  4. Allium Atropurpureum y x 10
    Allium atropurpureum x 10
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.95
    Stock 100+
    Atropurpureum produces spherical clusters of deep purple-red florets surrounding purplish black centres on tall sturdy stems. Learn More
  5. Allium roseum x 20
    Allium roseum Rosy Garlic x 20
    Stock 100+
    Allium roseum 'Rosy Garlic' is one of the little known garden gems. Blooming late in spring with several umbels laced with intense pink coloured... Learn More
  6. Allium moly Luteum x 20
    Allium moly x 20
    Special Price £2.30 Regular Price £3.25
    Stock 100+
    Allium moly produces large glossy golden star-like flowers in early summer. Each stem carries up to 40 flowers in clusters. Learn More
  7. Allium Mount Everest x 5
    Allium Mount Everest x 5
    Stock 14
    The beauty of these Allium ‘Mount Everest’ bulbs, is their ability to produce spectacular displays on sturdy yet delicate stems. Learn More
  8. Allium nigrum x 10
    Allium nigrum x 10
    Special Price £3.35 Regular Price £5.25
    Stock 100+
    Allium nigrum produces attractive flat-topped globular flowers; the florets are creamy white sometimes-tinged pink with black ovaries poised on... Learn More
  9. Allium Schubertii x 5
    Allium schubertii x 5
    Stock 33
    This striking Allium is so unique that everyone will want to know what it is, the giant basketball purple-pink flowers look like exploding... Learn More
  10. Allium Combo Nigrum/Atropurpureum
    Allium Combo Nigrum/atropurpureum x 20
    Stock 100+
    A outstanding combination of two very popular Alliums. Flowering at the same time helps to create a stunning effect in spring. They make perfect... Learn More
  11. Allium His Excellency x 5
    Allium His Excellency x 5
    Out of stock
    A fantastic addition to any garden; Allium His Excellency flowers right when your garden is most in need of colour - after your daffodils and... Learn More
  12. Allium rosenbachianum x 5
    Allium rosenbachianum x 5
    Out of stock
    Allium rosenbachianum produces large violet-purple spherical flower heads made up of hundreds of tiny florets loosely clustered together. It looks... Learn More
  13. Allium Pinball Wizard 18/20 x 5
    Allium Pinball Wizard 18/20 x 5
    Out of stock
    Allium Pinball Wizard is a striking choice for a sunny Summer border. Its large head bears hundreds of small vibrant purple flowers that are... Learn More
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Allium flower bulbs are highly ornamental members of the onion family

Allium plants grow from flower bulbs or rhizomes. Allium flowers are borne on leafless stems from late spring until early summer. The flowers on some Allium varieties such as Allium Gladiator are very large; they are perfect for both fresh and dried flower arrangements.

Our large assortment of Premium Allium Flower Bulbs are supplied direct from the fields of Holland, 100% Guaranteed, Quick Delivery.

How to plant the larger Allium varieties

The large ball shaped alliums such as Aflatunense - Gladiator - Mount Everest - Giganteum - His Excellency - Allium nigrum and Schubertii all produce large flower heads and have big bulbs, much bigger than the small bulb Alliums such as Moly and Rosenbachianum and Oreophilum they are the small Allium bulbs ranging in bulb size between 4 - 7 -8 cm ) That's why the care instruction for the smaller ones in under miscellaneous bulbs.

The large allium bulbs are planted best in a protected location as the big flowerheads will catch wind and damage the flower heads. Plant them at a depth of 10 - 12 cm.

Plant them in the prepared location and place the pointed tip upward and press them down gently. Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the planted bulbs. Always water well after planting.

In early spring when the sprouts become visual fertilise with some organic fertiliser. We recommend a mulch over the newly planted area. As soon as you see a sprout emerging depending up on the location you might want to place a cane next to the stem for protection.

Place the cane a bit away from the centre of the plant or else you might force the cane into the bulb. Remove the dead foliage after the plant has flowered and the stem has wilted down. Mark the location for protection of the bulb.

The plant will emerge again next season.

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