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Citrus trees

Orange and lemon trees can be successfully grown in the garden and living room. This makes it also a very popular houseplant. These citrus trees can be grown outdoors in pots in the summer and brought indoors in the winter. The lemon tree and the orange tree are vigorous plants and tolerate fairly low temperatures and produce beautiful edible fruits. The fragrant flowers appear all year round.

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Finest Dwarf Lemon tree and Orange dwarf citrus trees

Flowers and fruit often appear at the same time, the fruit is high in vitamin C and can used for juices, jams, chutneys or whole fruit can be frozen and used as ice cubes for cocktails.

These miniature Citrus fruit trees are easy to care for and ideal for on a sunny windowsill indoors, they can also be moved outdoors once temperatures are above freezing. The pretty white flowers produced by these citrus trees have a wonderful sweet perfume.

Dwarf Citrus trees make a lovely patio plant, which needs to be taken indoors during the winter. Re-plant Dwarf Citrus trees each spring in Rhododendron Potting compost for best results.

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