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  1. Abies Koreana (Koreaanse Zilverspar)
    Abies Koreana Korean fir
    Stock 55
    Lovely conifer with dense foliage deep green with a silvery blue gloss. The seed cones have a distinct colour and are very decorative... Learn More
  2. Acer palmatum Katsura Esdoorn 9 cm
    Acer palmatum Katsura 9 cm
    Special Price £6.25 Regular Price £8.95
    Stock 57
    Acer palmatum ‘Katsura' is a dense, compact, upright Japanese maple noted for its ever changing foliage. Learn More
  3. Acer palmatum Seiryu (Esdoorn)
    Acer palmatum Seiryu
    Special Price £6.25 Regular Price £8.95
    Stock 67
    Acer palmatum Seiryu is a dissected cultivar that has an upright form that’s mostly vase-shaped when young. Learn More
  4. Acer disectum Garnet
    Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet
    Stock 37
    One of the nicest red leaved acers with disected foliage. Brilliant vibrant red laced foliage sprouts in early spring turning to crimson red in... Learn More
  5. Cercis siliquastrum (Judasboom)
    Cercis siliquastrum
    Stock 69
    Commonly known as ‘Judas tree’, this deciduous tree is prized for it’s pretty, pinkish-purple flowers displayed on bare branches in spring. The...... Learn More
  6. Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ivone
    Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Yvonne
    Special Price £3.45 Regular Price £4.95
    Stock 68
    Chamaecyparis Yvonne is a lovely golden cypress, strong against diseases and reasonably fast growing. Yvonne is ideal for hedges or as a... Learn More
  7. Chamaecyparis obtusa Draht
    Chamaecyparis obtusa Draht
    Stock 84
    Chamaecyparis obtusa Draht is a slow-growing dense, dwarf growing conifer with dark green leaves suitable for the smaller garden or for growing in... Learn More
  8. Dwerg Conifeer Teddy Beer
    Chamaecyparis obtusa Teddy Bear
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 65
    Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Teddy Bear' ia a very fine dense conifier tree with upright branches thus needing very little shaping and pruning. It is a... Learn More
  9. Kersenboom Prunus avium Sylvia
    Cherry Tree Sylvia Prunus avium
    Stock 50
    This self fertile cherry tree is compact enough to grow in a large patio planter. It produces delicious sweet cherries in late summer. The fruit is... Learn More
  10. Picea Conica
    Christmas Tree Picea Conica
    Special Price £10.50 Regular Price £11.95
    Only 7 left
    Treat yourself or someone special with this Christmas tree. This charming little potted conifer will add rustic charm to any room. The tree on the... Learn More
  11. Kerstboom Picea Conica
    Christmas Tree Picea Conica
    Only 9 left
    This charming Picea Conica is a beautiful Christmas Tree. This Christmas Tree is great for decoration and gives a Christmas Spirit to your... Learn More
  12. Conifeer divers
    Conifer 9cm
    Special Price £4.35 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 42
    A various type of conifer. This offer contains 1x conifer, supplied in a 9cm pot. ... Learn More
  13. Cypressus Goldcrest 14 cm pot
    Cypressus Goldcrest 14 cm pot
    Stock 40
    Cypressus Goldcrest is a very versatile Conifer for indoor and outdoor usage. It has lovely green-golden foliage Planted outdoors it likes a sunny... Learn More
  14. Cypressus Goldcrest 9cm
    Cypressus Goldcrest 9cm
    Only 8 left
    Cypressus Goldcrest is a very versatile Conifer. It has lovely green-gold foliage Planted outdoors it likes a sunny sheltered location, well drained... Learn More
  15. Laagstam Perenboom Doyenne du Comice
    Dwarf Pear Tree Doyenne du Comice
    Stock 41
    Harvest your own delicious pears from this fine mini pear tree. It produces full sized tasty fruit and makes an impressive display. Learn More
  16. Ficus Carica op stam 19 cm pot
    Ficus Carica op stam 19 cm pot
    Stock 10
    Ficus carica popular and reliable fig, and well-suited suited to the UK climate, its fully hardy and can be grown outdoors all year round. ... Learn More
  17. Ginkgo biloba Japanse Notenboom
    Ginkgo biloba
    Special Price £8.95 Regular Price £9.95
    Stock 62
    Gingko biloba was thought be extinct, until they found them tucked away somewhere in remote parts of China. Great tree with uniquely shaped... Learn More
  18. Juniperus Blue Chip 9 cm pot
    Juniperus Blue Chip 9 cm pot
    Special Price £4.15 Regular Price £5.95
    Stock 70
    Creeping juniper Blue Chip’ is a horizontal cultivar that features green to blue-green foliage throughout the year with purplish tips in winter...... Learn More
  19. Juniperus Blue Swede 9 cm pot
    Juniperus Blue Swede 9 cm pot
    Stock 14
    Juniperus squamata Blue Swede is a dwarf juniper, an evergreen shrub with an attractive growth habit, with rich silver-blue foliage in summer and... Learn More
  20. Juniperus Horizontalis Prince of Wales
    Juniperus Prince Of Wales 9 cm pot
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 59
    Juniper Prince of Wales is a very low growing, creeping ground cover with dense rich green foliage. It’s ideal for rock gardens, or to creep... Learn More
  21. Jeneverbes Stricta 9 cm pot
    Juniperus Stricta 9 cm pot
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 67
    Juniperus chinensis Stricta is a tall tree with a dense, narrow, conical habit and prickly dark green-greyish aromatic needles. The juniper cones... Learn More
  22. Juniperus Virginiana 9 cm pot
    Juniperus Virginiana
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 75
    Juniperus Virginiana requires a sunny spot and tolerates summer heat reasonably well, provided the soil is sufficiently moist. It is a great... Learn More
  23. Juniperus Communis Arnold (Jeneverbes)
    Juniperus communis Arnold
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 62
    This blue grey conical growing coniferous shrub is a delight for any border. It does well in a heather border and as a focal point in a ground... Learn More
  24. Juniperus Communis Compressa
    Juniperus communis Compressa
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 65
    Juniper Compressa is a fine specimen out of the Juniper family. Its dense silver-green foliage is a lovely shape, easy to maintain. A great tree... Learn More
  25. Juniperus Communis Hibernica
    Juniperus communis Hibernica
    Stock 69
    Juniper communis Hibernica is also known as the Irish Juniper. It's a lovely dense evergreen conifer with a large, columnar shape and silver-green... Learn More
  26. Juniperus Communis Repanda (Jeneverbes)
    Juniperus communis Repanda
    Stock 61
    Lovely new juniper with a creeping habit, it will create a carpet of showy bonze-green, scale-like or sharply pointed leaves foliage and is highly... Learn More
  27. Juniperus Communis Suecica (Jeneverbes)
    Juniperus communis Suecica
    Stock 46
    The Swedish Juniper Suecica is an erect, column shaped growth of up to 5 mt. In 10 years. It’s an impressive conifer with dark green scale... Learn More
  28. Juniperus Horizontalis Andorra Compacta
    Juniperus horizontalis Andorra Compacta
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 64
    This Juniper andorra compacta is a creeping, pillow building, brown-green coniferous shrub. An excellent ground covering strong conifer tree, slow... Learn More
  29. Juniperus horizontalis Ice Blue 9 cm pot
    Juniperus horizontalis Ice Blue 9 cm pot
    Stock 67
    The Juniperus horizontalis Ice Blue or juniper is a slow-growing, low-growing, ground-covering dwarf conifer that grows in width.... Learn More
  30. Juniperus horizontalis Limeglow 9 cm pot
    Juniperus horizontalis Limeglow 9 cm pot
    Stock 47
    Juniperus horizontalis' Limeglow is a slow growing conifer with a spreading habit and colour changing decorative needle work. On a sunny location... Learn More
  31. Juniperus Horizontalis Wiltonii
    Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii
    Stock 31
    A creeping juniper with a wide spreading carpet of lovely, grey-silver-green foliage! Slow growing to up to 20 cm in height in 10 years time. This... Learn More
  32. Juniperus pfitzeriana Compacta 9 cm pot
    Juniperus pfitzeriana Compacta 9 cm pot
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 61
    Juniperus pfitzeriana Compacta is a spreading dwarf conifer. The needles of this ground cover conifer are green all year round. Very hardy species... Learn More
  33. Juniperus Pingii loderi (Jeneverbes)
    Juniperus pingii Loderi
    Special Price £3.85 Regular Price £5.50
    Stock 68
    Juniperus pingii Loderi is an upright dwarf growing coniferous shrub. It grows only to 150 cm in 10 years time. A very ornamental column-shaped... Learn More
  34. Juniperus Sabina Tamariscifolia
    Juniperus sabina Tamariscifolia
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.75
    Stock 60
    This slow growing juniper is also known as the Tamarix juniper. It's very hardy coniferous shrub with prickly grey blue-green foliage. This conifer... Learn More
  35. Juniperus Squamata Blue Carpet
    Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet
    Stock 40
    Juniper squamata Blue Carpet is a lovely silver-blue-green, dwarf growing juniper with a rounded habit, very hardy and slow growing. With its... Learn More
  36. Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Globosa
    Lawsons Cypress Globosa
    Only 10 left
    This slow growing false cypress 'Globosa' has blue to green leaves and is globular in shape hence its name Globosa. They are excellent plants for... Learn More
  37. Magnolia liliiflora Betty P9
    Magnolia Betty
    Stock 60
    Magnolia Betty produces large, tulip-shaped deep purple-pink flowers with white interiors on thorny branches in spring. The decorative bright green... Learn More
  38. Magnolia loebneri Leonard Messel P9
    Magnolia Leonard Messel
    Stock 34
    These striking, deciduous shrubs will grace any garden with their magnificent beauty! Masses of pale lilac-pink, star-shaped flowers with 12 petals... Learn More
  39. Magnolia Liliflora Nigra
    Magnolia Liliflora Nigra
    Special Price £5.55 Regular Price £7.95
    Stock 68
    This eye-catching, pleasantly scented Magnolia liliiflora ‘Nigra’, also known as Black Lily Magnolia, blooms from a younger age than... Learn More
  40. Magnolia stellata Rosea P9
    Magnolia Rosea
    Special Price £5.25 Regular Price £7.50
    Stock 97
    This Star Magnolia is sure to please; it will brighten up any garden! Pleasantly fragrant, star-shaped, pale pink pale pink blossoms flower from... Learn More
  41. Magnolia stellata Royal Star P9
    Magnolia Royal Star
    Special Price £5.55 Regular Price £7.95
    Stock 44
    The beautiful flowers of this Magnolia, white with a hint of pink are lightly scented and bloom from mid-March through April before its leaves... Learn More
  42. Magnolia Susan
    Magnolia Susan
    Stock 26
    Magnolias are also known as Fake Tulip trees because their fragrant flowers somewhat resemble tulips. This remarkable variety ‘Susan”... Learn More
  43. Magnolia Yellow River
    Magnolia Yellow River
    Stock 22
    Yellow River is a quite a rare variety prized for it’s sweet scented primrose yellow, cup-shaped flowers. The large flowers are about 10 cm... Learn More
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Trees are a constantly changing feature in the garden

They change with the seasons and over the years they will change size and shape so it's important to find exactly the right tree to suit your garden.

Trees are an important component of any landscape; they create focal points, shelter and light shade in the garden. Most importantly they produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere this is especially useful in today’s urban environments.

The key considerations when ordering a tree are the mature size, the shape does it grow tall and upright or is it short and wide, is it evergreen or deciduous, does it flower or produce flowers or fruit. We stock a wide range of trees for almost every garden situation choose from our wide range of Conifers, ornamental or fruit trees.

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