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  1. Diospyros Kaki
    Persimmon Diospyros Kaki
    Special Price £20.20 Regular Price £22.95
    Stock 21
    A pretty deciduous tree for the sunny garden. In autumn, the kaki tree produces orange juicy fruits. ... Learn More
  2. Rubus fruticosus Navaho 17 cm pot
    Blackberry Navaho Thornless
    Special Price £11.70 Regular Price £13.95
    Stock 52
    Blackberry Navaho produces a heavy crop of large, firm juicy sweet blackberry fruit with good flavour and packed full of vitamins. It’s is the... Learn More
  3. Rubus idaeus Heritage 17 cm pot
    Raspberry Heritage
    Special Price £12.30 Regular Price £13.95
    Stock 30
    Raspberry Rubus idaeus Heritage is a self-fertile vigorous autumn fruiting raspberry. It produces a high yield of juicy fruits which offer an... Learn More
  4. Rubus idaeus Malling Promise 17 cm pot
    Raspberry Malling Promise
    Special Price £12.30 Regular Price £13.95
    Stock 93
    Raspberry Rubus idaeus Malling Promise is an autumn-fruiting variety with slightly thorny canes, renowned for its outstanding performance and good... Learn More
  5. Rubus idaeus Schonemann 17 cm pot
    Raspberry Schoneman
    Special Price £12.30 Regular Price £13.95
    Stock 87
    Raspberry Rubus idaeus Schoneman is an autumn raspberry meaning they are late bearing. This variety is self-pollinating and is very suitable for... Learn More
  6. Vitis Boskoop Glory 17 cm pot
    Grape - Vitis Boskoop Glory
    Special Price £13.45 Regular Price £14.95
    Stock 97
    Grape Boskoop Glory will rapidly climb your patio trellis and provide you with welcome summer shade and delicious grapes. This variety is hardy and... Learn More
  7. Rubus idaeus Tulameen 17 cm pot
    Raspberry Tulameen
    Special Price £11.55 Regular Price £12.95
    Stock 78
    Raspberry Rubus idaeus Tulameen is a mid to late season high yielding variety and is now one of the world's most popular summer fruiting... Learn More
  8. Rubus fruticosus Chester Thornless 17 cm pot
    Blackberry Chester Thornless
    Special Price £11.65 Regular Price £12.95
    Stock 60
    The Blackberry Rubus fruticosus Thornless Chester is a deciduous blackberry producing little white blossoms in late spring which are followed by... Learn More
  9. Rubus fruticosus Tayberry 17 cm pot
    Tayberry Rubus fruticosus
    Only 2 left
    Tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry. This variety is grown for its large sweet aromatic fruits which can be eaten raw or... Learn More
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All 100% guaranteed to grow and produce delicious fruit

This 'on sale' section includes varieties of apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees, along with the more unusual fruit trees such as Guava and Walnut.

In addition we offer soft fruit plants such as blueberries, blackberries and delicious raspberries.

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