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Palms are elegant houseplants that give an exotic, tropical feel to your interior. Palms, such as the Elegans palm and Kentia palm, are easy to grow indoors and can tolerate moderately low light. Most palms prefer bright, indirect light, if desired you can move the plant to a lighter location in winter. Water the plant regularly so that the compost never dries out and be careful not to overwater. In winter, allow the surface of the compost to dry out slightly before watering.

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Style your interior with a palm houseplant

These plants can instantly improve the look of any room in your home, which is one of the main reasons why these houseplants are so popular. Place the palm houseplant in the middle of a table, standing pillar or in a dull corner. You will be amazed how the plant is a great decoration in your home. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, making it easy to choose a houseplant to match your interior.

Kentia Palm - Howea forsteriana

The Kentia palm can be recognized by its deep green, feathery leaves. It is one of the strongest indoor palms. This beautiful palm species comes from an island east of Australia and is easy to care for. The palm tree is loved not only in many living rooms, but also in offices. If you take good care of the Kentia palm, it can grow tall. It can grow up to 2.50 meters high.

Areca - Golden cane palm

The areca, also known as the golden cane palm, is one of the better-known types of palm trees that can be found in the living room. This popular houseplant is native to the humid tropics of Southeast Asia. The Areca is a lush palm with beautiful thin leaves. With its graceful appearance and easy care, the Areca is very popular. With its beautiful, gracefully growing trunk and green leaves, this palm tree is an asset to any interior. In addition, the golden palm trees purify the air.

Growing and caring for palm trees indoors

Palm plants require relatively little maintenance, with some simple care you get the best out of this plant. Most palm plants prefer bright, indirect light. This houseplant does not like direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves of your palm plant. Keep the potting soil moist, that's what this houseplant likes. Don't let the soil get too dry, because then the leaves will get brown tips. Give the palm liquid plant food a few times a year. This will help keep your plant healthy and strong.

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