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Climbing Rose Westerland

Kordes Climbing Rose Westerland

Bare roots
1 climbing rose
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Westerland climbing rose created the Westerland by crossing the Friedrich Worlein rose with the floribunda circus rose. This hardy vigorous climber...

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This hardy vigorous climber blooms in profusion all summer long magnificent, large, warm, rich apricot-orange coloured blooms which emit an amazingly powerful, fragrance of cloves and spice around the garden which only adds to the appeal of this climbing rose. It blooms the first season on both new and old wood. It is well suited for various landscaping ideas because it can be grown as a shrub or trained to grow large and tall like a climbing rose.
  • 1 x Kordes Climbing Rose Westerland Bare Root
Botanical nameClimbing Rose Westerland
Delivered asBare roots
Flower periodSummer
Flower colourOrange
Hardiness-15 celsius
Plant spacing50cm
Plant Depth25cm
Preferred SoilWell drained soil
Full grown height150cm - 200cm
Mature width125cm - 150cm
PruningMarch - April

How to take care of Kordes Climbing Rose Westerland

Choose a sunny site that gets at least 4 to 5 hours of sun. Soak bare root roses in a bucket of water overnight before planting to help rehydrate them. For potted roses, water the pot thoroughly and let them sit in the water until ready to plant. Remove any stones and clumps and loosen the soil a little, dig a hole around approx. 30cm (12") away from the fence or wall. For best results add well-rotted manure or compost to the soil. Never let the organic fertiliser come in direct contact with the roots, there needs to be at least 10 cm between the roots and organic fertiliser. If planting bare root roses, form a small mound of soil in the centre of the planting hole. Plant the rose so that the neck of the rose is about 5 cm below the ground. Fill the planting hole in and sprinkle some bone meal around the plant before pressing down firmly. Always water well after planting. Never plant roses during frost. If planting cannot take place immediately, keep the roses in plastic in a cold but frost free place. When the rose is established and has filled the space available, excessive growth can be pruned back at any time. In late autumn or winter, flowered side shoots can be pruned back by two-thirds of their length. Once established, use special [Fertilizer] regularly to encourage new growth during growth season .Climbing roses are heavy and need a definite path to grow, tie them up as soon as they start growing. You should water your climbing roses at least once a week.

For additional instructions see product packaging.

Grow Guarantee

If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. We will refund your money or resend the products for free.

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