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  1. Potgrond Universeel 10 Ltr
    General Compost 10 liter
    Stock 100+
    Universal Compost can be used for virtually all interior and exterior planting. Composed of the best types of peat, mixed to an optimum growth... Learn More
  2. Dcm Kamerplanten Vloeibare Mest 0.25 Ltr
    DCM Liquid Indoor Fertilizer 0.25 ltr
    Stock 18
    DCM Liquid Houseplant Fertilizer for the top dressing of plants. Odorless and colorless liquid fertilizer for calm growing plants with healthy... Learn More
  3. Dcm Mest Voor Aanleg Gazon 3 Kg
    DCM Lawn Construction (MG) 3 kg
    Only 9 left
    This organic fertilizer is very nourishing and improves the soil, suitable for the contruction of lawns and turf.. Ensures a good start to your... Learn More
  4. Dcm Gazonstart Gazonmest 1.5 Kg
    DCM Lawn Start (MG) 1.5 kg
    Special Price £7.15 Regular Price £7.95
    Stock 17
    After the long winter, the grass may look worn out or yellow after mowing. DCM Lawn Start is unique and the ideal start to a year-round deep green... Learn More
  5. Dcm Organische Gazonmest 3 Kg
    DCM Organic Lawn Fertilizer (MG) 3 kg
    Only 9 left
    A second annual fertilization ensures that throughout the year you can enjoy a year-round deep green lawn. Ideally this is DCM Organic Lawn... Learn More
  6. Dcm Aardbei/kleinfruit Mest 750 Gr Bio
    DCM Organic Fertilizer for Strawberries
    Stock 44
    Strawberries, raspberries, currants and other berries need a balanced diet for strong roots and tasty fruits. This organic fertilizer for... Learn More
  7. Dcm Siergrassen Mest Mg 750 gr BIO
    DCM Fertilizer Ornamental Grasses 750 gr
    Stock 19
    Ornamental Grasses are great for dramatic displays and are a worthwhile addition to any garden. Give them a little custom fertilizer and they will... Learn More
  8. Dcm Citrus/mediterrane Plantenmest 750
    DCM Fertilizer for Citrus plants 750 gr
    Stock 18
    DCM Fertilizer for Citrus / Mediterranean plants is a fertilizer with a high content of potassium for strong, exuberant terrace plants flowering... Learn More
  9. Dcm Bonsai Vloeibare Mest 0.25 Ltr
    DCM Liquid Fertilizer Bonsai 0.25 ltr
    Stock 26
    DCM Liquid Fertilizer Bonsai is specially formulated fertilizer for the needs of the bonsai. The power supply provides long for 3 months for a... Learn More
  10. Dcm Zaai en Stekgrond 10 Ltr Bio
    Dcm Seed And Cutting soil 10L
    Stock 39
    DCM Potting soil Ecoterra® Seeding Cuttings has an ideal balance between air and moisture for a healthy germination and rapid rooting of... Learn More
  11. Dcm Potgrond Cactus en Vetplanten 2.5
    DCM Potting soil Cactus/Succulents
    Stock 28
    DCM Potting Ecoterra® Cacti, succulents and rock plants retains its airy structure with the addition of lava, thus ensuring healthy roots and... Learn More
  12. Dcm Potgrond Bonsai 2.5 Ltr Bio
    DCM Potting soil for Bonsai 2.5 ltr
    Stock 31
    DCM Ecoterra® Bonsai Potting soil, retains its airy structure with the addition of lava and sand, thus ensuring healthy roots and good... Learn More
  13. Dcm Hydrokorrel Sb 10 Ltr Bio
    DCM Hydro Granules 10 ltr
    Stock 17
    It is very important that excess rain or water flows smoothly for plants in pots, so that plants do not 'drown' in the soil. DCM Hydro Granules... Learn More
  14. Dcm Spray Voor Kamerplanten 0.25 Ltr
    DCM Houseplant Leaf Spray 0.25 ltr
    Stock 10
    DCM Houseplant Leaf Spray 0.25 ltr. Is a ready to use leaf spray on your plants and palms for glossy leaves without blemishes. Balances the... Learn More
  15. Dcm Potgrond Kamerplanten 10 Ltr Bio
    DCM Potting soil for Houseplants 10 ltr
    Stock 100+
    DCM Ecoterra® Potting Plants is an ideal potting soil for houseplants. The lava grains in this quality potting soil keeps the pores of the... Learn More
  16. Dcm Potgrond Huis & Tuin 10 Ltr
    Dcm Potting Soil Home & Garden 10 ltr
    Stock 100+
    DCM Potting soil Home Garden is an excellent quality potting soil for a long plant life, and you can use it to fill your window boxes and... Learn More
  17. Dcm Rhododendron en Hortensia Mest
    DCM Organic Fertilizer-Acid-loving 750gr
    Stock 41
    Acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas, rhododendrons and azaleas prefer a proper strict diet. Nourish your plants with DCM Organic Fertilizers... Learn More
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